Snoring Treatment Options

Do you suffer from snoring?

A variety of oral devices or anti snoring mouthpiece dentist treatments are now available that will address your snoring problems. By preventing the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep, these devices can prevent the closure of your airways, which will stop you from snoring. Your dentist can fit one of these for you. Here is how the treatment works:

A custom-made mouth piece is made from impressions taken of your teeth to ensure they fit you comfortably whilst providing an effective snoring disorder treatment.

Made from a hard wearing plastic, the mouthpiece is worn at night and works by holding the bottom jaw in a slightly forward position for an effective dentist snoring treatment that you can follow night after night.

This position opens up your airway significantly, allowing you to breathe better and as a result sleep better too.

Benefits Of A dental anti snoring treatment

  • Better quality of sleep due to undisturbed breathing.
  • Improved overall health due to better quality of sleep.

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