Digital Smile Design

iTero scanning

Many of our practices now have a new digital state-of-the-art iTero scanning machine. The technology enables dental clinicians to provide a realistic digital image of your teeth using ClinCheck 3D® technology. The 3D iTero Scanner is one of a new breed of technology that is revolutionising dentistry allowing you to have your very own digital dental smile design.

These types of advanced 3D intra-oral scanners work by capturing thousands of pictures of the inside of your mouth and then assembling them into an incredibly accurate 3D digital dental smile design of your mouth, teeth, and gums.

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Why have an iTero scan

This allows your dentist or digital smile design dentist to fully assess and inspect every aspect of your condition, and allows your chosen digital smile design clinic to accurately plan out the stages of your treatment.

The ClinCheck 3D® technology then creates an accurate visual simulation of what your teeth would look like following Invisalign treatment.

Book in and have a try because you will love the results that this technology gives!

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