Safe Amalgam Fillings Removal

Simply replace metal coloured fillings with tooth coloured or white fillings at one of the leading amalgams filling removal Essex locations.

This is a safe procedure that involves removing the old filling material and any decay which may have developed, then replacing it with tooth coloured filling material. The material is made of composite that is very tough and can withstand the natural forces in your mouth when you bite and chew.

Having tooth coloured fillings will give you the confidence to laugh and smile without worrying that your fillings will be noticed.

What you might like to know

Normally a removal takes between 10-15 minutes, with the treatment taking slightly longer so we can also do the replacement safe restoration at the same time. 

Amalgam is removed in larger chunks with a specialist drill rather than a regular drill which often breaks it into smaller pieces.

You can request charcoal and oxygen prior to the treatment at our amalgam filling removal Essex clinics, which are both available at an additional cost. To find out more about dental amalgam removal cost and additional information, get in touch below.

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