Creating a beautifully bright smile

Teeth-whitening is a safe procedure. We do lots of checks on your teeth beforehand to make sure that you are suitable.

There are some amazing branded teeth-whitening treatments on the market. As a group we select only the very best which deliver a great result for your patients.

We offer a number of teeth whitening systems and the most popular is home whitening. You receive a custom made set of trays that fit over your teeth comfortably. The active teeth whitening gel is placed into the trays and fitted onto your teeth. For best results we recommend you use your trays overnight and avoid coloured food or drink.

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In some of our practices, we offer an in-surgery treatment which takes around an hour and can brighten your smile immediately, so if you are looking for a quick fix, this might be it.

Many people experience some sensitivity in their teeth whilst whitening. Enlighten treatment provides a desensitising treatment prior to whitening to reduce sensitivity, If you do experience sensitivity, smearing sensitive toothpaste on the affected areas works really well.

Please remember that it is illegal for anyone other than a fully qualified dentist to provide teeth whitening in the UK. You need to be over 18 to have your teeth whitened.

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