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Dentaid’s team of dental professionals from the UK volunteer to travel to countries where there is a real shortage of dental care. Once there, they run clinics and outreach programmes in refugee camps, remote villages, schools, prisons, orphanages, and community buildings. 

Every year thousands of people are relieved of dental pain thanks to Dentaid. 

Some of their brilliant schemes include the DentaidBox that means dental surgeries can be set up in some of the most remote locations in the world; the toothbrushing programme and oral health lessons in nurseries, schools and community buildings in the UK and overseas; sending reconditioned donated dental equipment and portable dental surgeries to projects in many different countries; and working alongside in-country dentists to share expertise and promote best practice.

Bridge 2 Aid trains rural-based health workers in developing countries, providing them with the skills, equipment, and resources that they will need to provide emergency dental care in a world where over 70% of the population currently does not have access to even basic dental treatment.

The ultimate goal of Bridge2Aid is to enable training in emergency dental care for health workers in all remote rural communities of developing countries. 

We are proud to be working with these leading dental charities and help support them to help so many disadvantaged people access dental care and alleviate dental pain in the UK and around the World. 

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