Gender Pay Gap Statement – 2019

Formed in 2010 with just one practice, Together Dental has now grown through a series of acquisition, to 21 practices across Essex, Norfolk and Northampton. We are a clinically-led organisation that puts our patients and employees at the forefront of everything that we do.

Together Dental is a trading name of Clacton Dental Care Ltd, which is the 100% owner of Oradi Ltdand The Toothplace Dental SurgeryLtd (the “Group”). Clacton Dental Care Ltd, is the employing entity for most of our employees, and we can confirm that the statistics set out in this Statement are accurate in relation to the employees of the Group.


At Together Dental we take our commitment to diversity and equality seriously. We aim to attract, employ and retain the very best talent in the industry, regardless of their gender.

Our Gender Pay Gap Statement highlights areas for Together Dental to focus on to support gender pay equalityand we will continue to ensure that our policies and processes are fair, that the distribution of females within all pay quartiles is addressed and that we close any gender pay gap that exists. As an equal opportunities’ employer, we will always appoint the ‘right’ person for the role in line with our internal processes and it is important to us that our business growth is underpinned as such.

At Together Dental, the vast majority of our employees are women. In fact, women make up 96% of our entire workforce, and 99.18% of our practice and field teams.

On average within our practiceand field teams, women are paid 16.5% per hour more than men.

Equally, 66.6% of our support centre team, comprising the most senior roles within the organisation, are occupied by women.

Together Dental – Gender Pay Gap Statement
Together Dental – Gender Pay Gap Statement

Statistically the workforce within the dental industry is led by female workers, excluding Dentist and Specialist roles where there is a more even distribution of male vs femaleworkers.

For the purposes of the Gender Pay Gap Report, Dentists and Specialists have not been included as they are self-employed.

Our Gender Pay Gap

The data for the purpose of this Report was collected on 4th April 2019, when our workforce consisted of 257 female works and 10 male workers.

Data for the Whole Company shows that Together Dental has a Mean Gender Pay Gap of 72.1% and a Median Gender Pay Gap of 57.6%, demonstrating that there is some work to do.

Together Dental – Gender Pay Gap StatementTogether Dental – Gender Pay Gap Statement

Conversely, our Practice and Field Gender Pay Gap displays a very different picture. In fact, it demonstrates that Women are paid 20% more than their Male counterparts, due largely tothe workforce of our Practice and Field teams being made up of 99.1% women.

Gender Pay Gap – Quartile Data

Women are represented well in all of Together Dental’s pay quartiles. In fact, the lowest level of representation for a woman in any quartile is 91%.

Together Dental – Gender Pay Gap StatementTogether Dental – Gender Pay Gap StatementTogether Dental – Gender Pay Gap StatementTogether Dental – Gender Pay Gap Statement


At Together Dental, we have a number of employees that are eligible to earn a bonus and that did go on to receive a bonus for their contributionto the group.

Action Plan

The figures that have been reported on show that as a business we have some way to go in reducing our Gender Pay Gap.As stated at the beginning of this report, our business has grown rapidly througha series ofacquisitions. It is there foreimperative that we execute the following action plan effectively to ensure that we are able to address any potential issues relating to a Gender Pay Gap in a timely manner.

  • 2019 sees the launch of the DCG Academy. This will enable us to encourage both menandwomen to pursue a career at a more senior level, therefore increasing the representation of women in the upper pay quartile and reducing our overall gender pay gap.
  • At DCG, we also have plans to launch a new HR and Payroll system that will give us greater visibility over the rates of pay offered for each role within the organisation. As stated previously in this report, DCG are committed to being an equal opportunities employer and will continue to only ever appoint an individual in to a role based on qualifications, experience and skill. Never gender.
  • We will also continue to focus our attention on supporting our employees to reach their full potential, in whatever role they choose to be in.


Sanjay Shah
Dental Care Group

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