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You can have a new smile in just one day!

Do you find yourself avoiding photographs because of your missing teeth? Or perhaps you are experiencing the annoyance of loose dentures. The team at Dental Care Group in Southend want you to enjoy every smile and so offer a dental implant technique that is simple, reliable and long lasting. Best of all, your initial treatment can be completed in only one day.

Dental implants can effectively restore your lost teeth and thanks to advances in techniques, we can even offer you a new ‘smile in a day’. Dental implants in Southend are easier to place, less invasive and have a higher success rate than ever before. They work for the loss of a single tooth all the way to a mouthful of teeth. In the latter case it requires the fitting of 4 implants on the bottom jaw and 6 in the top. This small number of implants will result in a fully functional set of teeth that will look and feel completely natural.

Dental Implants in SouthendYour ‘smile in a day’ consultation

At our practice when it comes to a ‘smile in a day’ using dental implants in Southend, you’ll start by talking to one of our experienced dentists. This appointment is to carry out the planning, record taking and preparation, which is the foundation of your treatment, to ensure that everything runs smoothly with no surprises.

The process

Firstly, we will take a scan of your jaw, as this allows us to ‘virtually’ place your implants using computer imaging technology. We will then take photographs of your mouth and teeth. This helps us understand what the cosmetic issues you have and how to solve them – not just the teeth but also other important factors, such as lip position and cheek fullness, as these can be influenced by the final shape and size of your dental implants in Southend.

Next comes a full clinical investigation of the mouth, including gum health, detection of tooth decay, and checking the stability of your remaining teeth.

We’ll tell you all about what we find and then give you details about your dental implants in Southend, as well as the time frame for treatment and how much it will cost.

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