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Will You Enjoy a Whiter Smile This Spring?

The slowly improving weather and longer lighter days are enough to make anyone want to smile, but if your teeth are extensively discoloured and stained it can make you feel embarrassed. With modern cosmetic dentistry in Downham Market there is no need to put up with a less than lovely smile and we can help you with the latest teeth whitening treatments.

whiter-smile-norfolkWhy Do Teeth Discolour?

Teeth can become discoloured due to a number of different factors. It’s pretty well known that drinking too much tea and coffee or having a liking for red wine can stain your teeth, as can a preference for eating highly coloured foods. Unfortunately tooth staining is also a natural side effect of ageing. This is because your teeth are covered by a layer of tooth enamel that is a white opacious colour. As we age this layer of tooth enamel gradually thins which allows more of your natural tooth colour underneath to show through. This is generally quite a bit darker which is why older people tend to have darker teeth than younger people and is one of the reasons why we associate a whiter smile with youthfulness.

A Dental Check-up Is Essential before Teeth Whitening

A check-up with our dentist in Downham Market is absolutely essential before you begin to whiten your teeth. We need to make sure your teeth are healthy and strong and that you don’t have any tooth decay or gum disease, or any other problems that require treatment before whitening. The presence of any of these conditions can mean that whitening would be uncomfortable at best and possibly quite painful and it could result in further damage to your teeth and gums. We will make sure that your professional teeth whitening treatment is completely safe and that it won’t damage your teeth and gums but instead will leave you with a healthy white smile. Another nice thing about this consultation is that we can assess the reason for your teeth staining which helps us to fully customise your treatment and we can tell you the results you can hope to achieve as everybody’s teeth whiten slightly differently.

Deciding How You Will Whiten

Once we have given you the go-ahead for whitening then your next step is to choose whether to power whiten or whiten at home. With power whitening, you will need about an hour’s appointment at our comfortable dental practice. At the end of this appointment your teeth will look visibly brighter and whiter and it is an ideal option if you would like to whiten as soon as possible. An alternative is to whiten at home using a fully customised home whitening kit that will contain teeth whitening trays made especially for you and we can adjust the strength of whitening gel according to your needs. This treatment will take approximately two weeks to complete by using the trays for a few hours a day or wearing them overnight. Both methods are very effective and we can discuss them more fully when you come to see us.

If you are interested in getting a lovely white and healthy smile, please contact Downham Market Dental Care to book your appointment. You can call us on 01366 382265.

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