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Why You Should Take Action If You Have Toothache

Toothache in Southend is a common complaint but any type of dental pain is a sign to take action, particularly if it persists. This is because often toothache is an indication of a dental infection and it is far better to get it investigated as soon as possible because this will give us a much better chance of being able to save your tooth and to fully restore it, and will reduce your risk of requiring an emergency dentist in Southend.

Reasons for Toothache

southend dental careIt’s just possible that your toothache might be due to having food stuck in between your teeth so initially it’s worth gently flossing around the affected tooth and rinsing your mouth with warm water to see if this helps. If the toothache persists then you may have an infection. This can develop if mouth bacteria have been able to penetrate the tooth. Normally a healthy tooth is covered by a strong layer of tooth enamel that protects the softer layer inside the tooth. If this tooth enamel is damaged for some reason then mouth bacteria can soon enter the tooth and will begin destroying the inner layers, eventually reaching the pulp. This is right in the centre of your tooth and contains the nerves, which is why a tooth infection is painful.

A tooth can become infected if you have untreated tooth decay, have chipped a tooth and haven’t bothered to get it mended, or if you have cracked a tooth, as every time you bite down then the crack will open up slightly, allowing bacteria to get in the tooth. Tooth infections can also result if you have a leaky filling as dental fillings do need renewing every so often. Whatever the reason, make an appointment to come and see your dentist in Southend so we can examine your tooth to diagnose the exact problem.

Treating Toothache in Southend

It might be possible to restore the tooth with a new filling or by mending any chipped areas. This can usually easily be done with the latest tooth coloured composite resins to invisibly repair your tooth, restoring its strength and function, and its appearance. If the infection has reached the central part of the tooth then we will almost certainly need to carry out root canal therapy. This removes the pulp and all the tissues extending into the root canals in the roots of your tooth. It is an excellent treatment for restoring badly infected teeth and afterwards you should have no more pain or discomfort.

Sometimes the infection can spread beyond the tooth roots, causing a dental abscess which can be extremely painful. If this is the case then we will provide emergency treatment to relieve the discomfort and pain and to drain the abscess. Unfortunately it may not always be possible to save the tooth which is why we always urge people with toothache in Southend to come and see us as soon as they can.

If you have tooth sensitivity or toothache and need an emergency dentist in Southend, then please contact Southend Dental Care as soon as you can. We try to see dental emergencies as soon as possible, often on the same day to relieve your pain. Call us on 01702 465000.

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