Why You Should Consider Orthodontics in Watton

Are your teeth quite wonky or crooked, or perhaps they are overlapping or look too crowded? When you bite your teeth together do they look as if they are meeting correctly? These are all the sort of problems that can be corrected with orthodontics in Watton and this option is worth considering.

More than Just Cosmetic

orthodontics in WattonThere is nothing wrong with wanting to straighten your teeth so you can have a more attractive smile, and this is the reason most people inquire about teeth straightening in Watton, but if you are still on the fence about orthodontics then we’d like you to consider the possible health benefits. Do you find it near impossible to floss properly in between your teeth? Do you often get pieces of food stuck in between certain teeth? It could be that teeth straightening will help with these problems.

Wearing braces should help to correct issues with overlapping teeth, teeth that are too crowded or it could help close up spaces in between teeth that can often act as food traps. Having straighter teeth should make them much easier to clean. If your teeth are easier to clean then you’re less likely to get tooth decay on the contact points in between your teeth and you’re less likely to develop gum disease which can arise if you can’t clean thoroughly in between each tooth.

Won’t My Braces Look Unsightly?

This is a question that Clarence House Dental Care is often asked by worried patients, particularly those who have customer-facing jobs or those who have to meet with lots of clients during the course of their career. The good news is that today’s modern braces are nearly invisible and we use a particular braces system called Fastbraces which is great because it can straighten teeth much more quickly than conventional fixed braces.

Another really nice thing about this braces system is that it can be fitted using clear ceramic brackets. The brackets are quite small and triangular-shaped and hold a single, thin heat activated wire. It’s the design of the brackets that helps make this brace particularly efficient as it will move the crown of your tooth which is the part you can see in the mouth, as well as the root of the tooth at the same time. Conventional braces first move the crown before moving the tooth root which slows down treatment. Once treatment is completed, there is no need to worry that you will need to wear retainers for ages afterwards. The retainers for this particular braces system only need to be worn for a short while each day. This can be as short as just 15 minutes a day and you might find some dentists suggest wearing them while you shower or bathe, leading to the retainers being described as “tooth shampoo.”

If you’d like to find out more about teeth straightening in Watton, why not give us a call today on 01953 882777. A quick consultation will enable our dentist to identify any orthodontic problems requiring correction and they’ll be able to tell you if braces are the right option.

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