Why You Should Be Concerned if Your Gums Bleed

Did your gums bleed when you brushed or flossed last? Perhaps you put this down to brushing slightly too hard and maybe you’ve resolved not to floss until your gums begin to heal. This might seem sensible, but in fact it’s the worst possible thing you could do as healthy gums shouldn’t bleed.

Why Gums Bleed

healthy gumsThere are several reasons why gums might begin to bleed and it is just possible that you did brush too hard or perhaps had something stuck in between your teeth and which has damaged your gums. However one of the main reasons for bleeding gums is infection. Your mouth contains lots of different bacteria and every day a layer of these bacteria called plaque will build up creating a sticky film over the surfaces of your teeth. This biofilm must be removed with twice daily brushing and by flossing once a day to reach those areas that are impenetrable with a toothbrush.

If you fail to brush and floss regularly then plaque will begin to infect your gums and can build up to such an extent that the infection leads to inflammation. In fact inflammation is caused by your body trying to fight the infection and at this stage your gums are likely to begin to bleed as you develop a condition called gingivitis or early gum disease.

Taking Action When Your Gums Bleed

If your gums have begun bleeding, and particularly if you haven’t visited a dentist in Ladbroke Grove for a while, book a check-up and professional cleaning. You’ll find your dentist will be able to diagnose any signs of gum disease and can recommend the most suitable treatments. Having a professional cleaning will remove hardened plaque, a substance called calculus or tartar which gives your gums a better chance of healing. If the infection is more severe and has caused gum recession, your dentist in Ladbroke Grove may recommend a treatment called scaling and root planing which essentially deep cleans your gums, removing hardened calculus from tooth surfaces as well as any exposed tooth roots.

If gum disease is detected early enough, it’s completely curable. However if you ignore the early signs of gum disease then it will continue to get worse, eventually developing into a condition called periodontitis and which can cause a great deal of destruction to your gums and the bone surrounding your teeth, ultimately causing tooth loss.

After treatment for gum disease, it’s likely your dentist will give you lots of information on how to look after your teeth and gums at home. It’s important to follow their instructions as closely as you can, making sure you brush and floss regularly even if it initially causes bleeding. If you persevere, you’ll notice the bleeding gradually decreases as the gums become healthier and stronger. At the same time, you may notice your gums become firmer to the touch and look a nice healthy pink.

If you do have bleeding gums or are simply overdue for a check-up, why not give Ladbroke Grove Dental Care a call today on 020 7727 9836? We can book you in appointment with our dentist in Ladbroke Grove and it’s a great idea to book a hygiene appointment at the same time.

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