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Why We Like To See You Every Six Months

You may have wondered why it’s necessary to see your dentist in Southend every six months for a scheduled check-up. After all, if you don’t have a toothache and your teeth look fine, then what’s the point? From maintaining your oral health to preventing serious disease, there are many reasons that you should attend your scheduled appointments.

What we look for

dentist in SouthendTypically during a check-up we’ll be taking a look at the overall condition of your teeth and gums, checking for signs of tooth decay or gum disease, and seeing if any of your old dental work is in need of restoration. We may also do some X-rays to check on the teeth roots and for other signs which may not be visible to the naked eye.

Once your Southend dentist has examined your mouth then it’s time to hand you over to the hygienist who can carry out a professional clean. He or she will

  • Carry out a thorough cleanliness examination
  • Remove any build up of plaque or tartar using special dental tools
  • Polish your teeth
  • Floss in between the teeth

Once your pearly whites are fresh and gleaming, then they’ll talk to you about how to maintain a good level of oral hygiene between visits, showing you if necessary, the correct way to brush and floss.

The bigger picture

Although a healthy white smile looks attractive and boosts your confidence it can also help you to stay bodily healthy too. Bacteria from decaying teeth and gum disease can spread to other areas of your body and has been linked to heart disease and other serious conditions. Symptoms in the mouth which your dentist in Southend can spot during a check-up can also lead to such things as diabetes, osteoporosis, and vitamin deficiencies. In addition, your dentist is likely to recommend an oral cancer check, at least once a year.

Remember prevention is better than cure, and by attending regular six monthly check-ups we can treat symptoms in their early stages to reduce the risk of tooth loss and the need for dental implants in Southend. If you haven’t had a check-up in a while then why not book a check-up appointment with Southend Dental Care. You can call direct on 01702 465000 or book online at We’re an NSH dentist in Southend that’s committed to your overall health.

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