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Why Should You Consider Dental Implants?

If you are missing one or more teeth, your Basildon dentist may have explained the importance of replacing them. Just a single missing tooth can negatively impact your dental health while multiple missing teeth will affect not only your dental health but can change your facial appearance. Your choices for tooth replacement include partial or full dentures or bridges, but we find an increasing number of patients here at Felmores Dental Care are choosing to opt for dental implants. So why should you think about choosing dental implants in Basildon and what makes them such a good way to replace missing teeth?

dental-implants-basildonDental Implants Are Very Versatile

Dental implants are great for replacing just a single missing tooth but also make a very good choice for replacing multiple missing teeth. You can even use them to restore all the teeth in your mouth. The nice thing about dental implant supported teeth is that they are strong and stable. Unlike dentures, implant supported teeth will not move around whenever you talk or speak.

Dental Implants Can Be Excellent for Denture Wearers

We find this can be a huge boon for denture wearers who currently struggle with loose and ill-fitting dentures and who find their choice of foods is severely limited. Even worse, some denture wearers will avoid social occasions due to worries about their teeth coming loose during eating or speaking. If this applies to you, imagine the boost your self-confidence and self-esteem when you have teeth that are firmly held in place and which look wonderful. Just picture yourself eating all those favourite foods that may have been off the menu for years.

Dental Implants Help Protect Your Dental Health

Dental implant teeth can look fantastic and this is one of the main reasons people are so keen to choose this treatment. However it’s worth taking a moment or two to think about the possible benefits to your dental health. After you lose your natural teeth your jawbone gradually changes shape as old bone cells are not renewed and are gradually reabsorbed. Dental implants help prevent this from happening, providing the stimulation needed to keep your jawbone healthy and strong. You will also find that they keep any remaining natural teeth firmly in place, preventing movement that could affect their stability and your bite.

Unlike other choices of tooth replacement, our dentist in Basildon will not need to make any changes to your existing teeth as there is no need for them to be cut down or altered in any way. This certainly isn’t the case when you opt for a dental bridge where the teeth adjacent to the gap need to be crowned and will have to be reshaped to create sufficient room for the crowns. With partial dentures, we often need to adjust teeth to accommodate metal clasps, ensuring the denture is held firmly in place. As well as being quite visible, these clasps can place quite a bit of strain on your existing teeth.

If you are missing teeth then why wait any longer to find out about dental implants in Basildon? You can call us on 01268 726789 to or if you prefer you can book online at

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