Why Root Canal Therapy Can Be a Good Thing

Root canal therapy is often regarded as being one of those treatments that you should fear, when in fact the opposite is true. If our dentist in Clacton recommends root canal therapy then this is a good thing as it means we can save your tooth. This treatment is carried out in order to remove infection from the very central part of a tooth, right in the pulp and the root canals that extend deep into the tooth roots. By removing all this infection, we can get rid of your toothache and discomfort while saving your tooth at the same time. Before root canal therapy was developed, a dentist would have had no alternative but to completely remove the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading.

How Do Teeth Become Infected?

root-canal-therapyYour mouth contains many different types of bacteria, some of which are benign, while others are capable of causing disease and infection. Normally, healthy and strong teeth are covered with a protective layer of dental enamel, which is one the hardest substances in the human body. Unfortunately it is not impervious to attack and can become chipped or cracked through trauma or is eroded away through enamel erosion, a process that can occur due to the strong acids produced by mouth bacteria after eating. When tooth enamel is breeched, it allows bacteria to get into the tooth where they can cause cavities that will eventually reach deep into the centre of the tooth, or the pulp. This contains the nerves and blood vessels for a tooth which is why an infection is so painful.

How is a Tooth Infection Diagnosed and Treated?

If you have toothache you will probably need an emergency dentist in Clacton as it can be very unpleasant. When you visit Clacton Dental Care, we can soon diagnose an infected tooth by gently testing the tooth to see if it responds to cold, and by gauging your reaction when you bite down on it. Sometimes there might be a slight pimple on the gums or these tissues could look a bit swollen. Dental x-rays will enable us to see what is happening right inside the tooth, so we can determine the extent of the infection. These x-rays also allow us to plan your treatment more easily.

The actual procedure for root canal therapy is very straightforward and we will make sure your tooth is thoroughly cleaned out and all the infection removed. Afterwards you should feel considerably more comfortable, especially once your tooth has settled down in a day or two. We will generally place a temporary filling in the newly cleaned out tooth and this is to ensure all the infection is completely gone before the tooth is permanently restored. Since root treated teeth have often suffered significant damage, this is most often done by crowning the tooth, protecting it so you can bite and chew normally.

It is worth coming in to see us as soon as you can if you have toothache, even if it seems to clear up after a few days as there is always a reason for dental pain. The sooner we can treat an infected tooth, the greater the chances of long-term success. Call us today to book an appointment with an emergency dentist in Clacton on 01255 221001.

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