Why Put up with Loose Dentures When the Solution Could Be Simple?

Loose dentures are an extremely common problem and it’s something we see a lot here at Clacton Dental Care. Unfortunately this issue is often unavoidable, particularly where lower dentures are concerned and the reason for this lies in the way the jawbone is gradually absorbed once natural teeth are removed. This does mean that the bony ridge that used to support your teeth will gradually flatten and will become narrower, offering less and less retention to a denture.

dental implants in clactonWhereas an upper denture covers up the upper palate and has relatively good retention, a lower denture relies almost exclusively on that bony ridge and things can become tricky after just a few years of use. Denture adhesives only offer a temporary solution and can be somewhat messy and expensive so why not consider an alternative and much longer lasting option?

How Dental Implants Could Help Stabilise Your Denture

We are able to offer the most advanced dental implants in Clacton and these can be used to help stabilise your denture by holding it firmly in place until you want to take it out to clean it. To do this, several dentures are inserted into predetermined positions in your jawbone, usually in areas where they will maximise use of the available bone, providing the greatest amount of stability and strength.

Often only relatively few dental implants are required and this does make treatment very affordable. Once the dental implants are in position our dentist in Clacton will either attach a bar to the implants, to which your denture can be attached, or the implants will have special attachments that will clip onto special fittings on the underneath or fitting surface of your denture. If you can currently knock your dentures out of position with your tongue and find it tricky to eat all those foods that used to love then just imagine how stable your new implant retained denture will feel. With it clipped firmly in position, you will be able to enjoy all those foods you thought were too tricky to eat with ordinary dentures and you can talk and socialise with others with complete confidence, knowing there is absolutely no risk of your dentures moving around and making it obvious they are not your natural teeth.

So Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Provided you don’t have any immune problems or medical issues that could affect healing and that you are generally healthy and don’t have any untreated dental diseases then it’s likely you will be suitable for dental implants in Clacton. Of course we will need to have a proper consultation with you to discuss this treatment more fully and to make sure that it is a good choice for your situation. One thing to bear in mind is that you must be prepared to look after your dental implants to avoid them becoming infected. This is very straightforward and we can show you how to clean around them to keep them free from plaque and food debris.

If you are fed up with wearing loose dentures then why not come and talk to us? A consultation with our dentist in Clacton will tell you much more about this wonderful treatment. Call us today on 01255 221001.

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