Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Best

We know it’s very easy to buy whitening products in the chemists or even online and this makes it possible for patients to overlook or ignore the fact that teeth whitening is a dental treatment. If you value your dental health, the best way to safely and comfortably whiten is to visit your dentist in Watton. We use professional strength whitening products that aren’t available to anyone other than dental professionals and which can provide excellent results. More importantly, we will ensure that teeth whitening is the right treatment for you.

Getting a Checkup before Teeth Whitening

cosmetic dentistry in WattonBefore you have any type of tooth whitening treatment, it’s important for us to thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. One of the most common side effects of tooth whitening is increased tooth sensitivity and this can be caused by untreated tooth decay and gum disease. We’ll want to make sure your teeth and gums are strong and healthy and cannot be harmed by this treatment.

We Will Let You Know the Type of Results That Can Be Reasonably Achieved

Not all teeth will respond to whitening treatments. For example if you have teeth that are internally stained or which have become discoloured due to an old root canal treatment then we may need to look at another way to cover them up. Luckily there are a number of different types of cosmetic dentistry in Watton that can help. One of the most effective is to simply whiten the teeth that will respond well to treatment before covering up those that don’t with porcelain veneers. This way, the veneers can be matched to the newly bleached teeth so the shade will blend in accurately. If you have any existing crowns or veneers then these will not change colour during treatment and it’s possible you might need to replace them once your teeth are fully whitened.

Our Home Whitening Kits are Safe and Easy to Use

If you decide you’d like to go ahead with treatment, we can provide a customised home whitening kit. This will contain whitening trays that are made to fit exactly over your teeth so you will be the only person who can use them. We will provide the correct strength of whitening gel to safely and comfortably whiten your teeth. You’ll be shown how much gel to place in the whitening tray and then it’s up to you as to whether you use the trays for a few hours each day or if you prefer to leave them in overnight. It normally takes around two weeks to see the full results and one of the great things about using a home whitening kit is that we can always supply more whitening gel for you to top up the results at a later date. We can advise you on how often this can be safely done.

Are you interested in getting a whiter smile that will not harm your teeth? Why not book a consultation with our dentist in Watton? We can give you lots more information about this treatment and can answer any questions you might have. Just give us a call on 01953 882777.

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