Why Preventative Dentistry Is Best

Dentists normally like to see patients every six months and recommend a complete dental examination plus a hygiene appointment to keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. However we realise that many people don’t always adhere to this preventative dental care regime and this might be because they don’t think it’s necessary to see a dentist biannually. If your teeth seem healthy and strong and you haven’t got any symptoms of dental disease then why see a dentist? In fact there are many reasons why preventative dentistry is your best possible option and seeing your Basildon dentist every six months or so could save your money and your teeth.

How Preventative Dental Care Can Help You

dentalcaregroupEven if you don’t have any symptoms of dental disease it’s still possible that there may be small signs of problems beginning to develop. For example a small cavity may not yet cause any tooth sensitivity but why wait until you are in pain or discomfort and need an emergency dentist in Basildon? Instead, our dentist can quickly detect any small signs of problems at a stage when treatment is much easier and much cheaper for you. Prompt treatment can also reduce the amount of time you need to spend in our dental chair. Our regular dental examinations also include screenings for oral cancer, so it’s just possible your dental exam could save your life as this disease is often diagnosed during the latter stages when treatment is less certain of being successful.

Why Hygiene Appointments Are Important

We strongly recommend you have regular hygiene appointments. Even if you don’t wish to see a dentist, you can now access hygiene treatments directly. You are probably already familiar with having your teeth scaled and polished and this is an important treatment for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Scaling removes a substance called calculus which is essentially hardened plaque.

Failing to brush and floss regularly will allow any plaque remaining on your teeth to quickly harden into calculus. This only takes a couple of days but calculus can only be removed by a dental professional during a hygiene appointment as it is very hard. The problem with calculus is that it consists of bacteria that release toxins, inflaming and infecting your gums and increasing your risk of developing periodontal disease. This disease is incredibly common but can lead to tooth loss and can even impact your general health which is one of the reasons why our dentist in Basildon emphasises the need for good preventative dental care.

As well as professionally cleaning your teeth, you will find our hygienist has a wealth of information and can help you brush and floss far more effectively at home. They can identify any problem areas you may be regularly missing with your toothbrush or dental floss and can suggest ways to brush and floss more easily.

All our patients benefit from having a customised preventative dental care plan as we want you to enjoy healthy teeth and gums for life, if possible. If you are overdue for a dental check-up then please contact Felmores Dental Care to book your appointment today. You can call us on 01268 726789.

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