Why it’s Worth Replacing that Missing Tooth with a Dental Implant

Missing teeth is a common problem and tooth loss can occur as a result of infection or trauma, or may be due to gum disease. You’ll find that even if you are only missing a single tooth, your dentist in Watton will urge you to replace it in some way and the sooner the better. Even missing a single tooth can impact your remaining natural teeth. You may find they begin to move or shift position and your bite could be affected. Replacing the tooth will help stabilise your remaining teeth, preventing these changes from occurring. These days you have a choice of options which include a partial denture, a bridge or a dental implant in Watton. While slightly more expensive than the other two options, a dental implant could be your best choice and here’s why.

A Long-Lasting Way to Replace a Missing Tooth

dental implant in WattonEven though treatment may take slightly longer, choosing this method of tooth replacement can prove to be far longer lasting and could even save you money in the longer term. A well-placed and properly cared for dental implant in Watton could have a success rate in excess of 95% and over the years this can be a more economical solution than opting for a bridge that would involve cutting down the teeth adjacent to the gap. As all dental restorations require replacement at regular intervals, it will be far cheaper to replace just a single crown than to have to replace a bridge encompassing three teeth.

The Results Can Look Stunning

A single implant tooth can look amazing and exactly like a natural tooth so it would be very hard for anyone to see the difference. It can be the ideal choice for a front tooth where aesthetics are particularly important but can be equally as good for replacing back teeth where a strong and stable form of tooth replacement is required. These days it’s possible for implant crowns to be entirely metal free as they can be fabricated out of the very latest and most lifelike ceramics, creating a naturally beautiful smile.

Preserving Your Jawbone and Your Teeth

Whenever you lose a tooth, your jawbone will gradually begin to reabsorb as it will no longer receive the stimulation provided by a natural tooth root. Dental implants protect your jawbone by closely replicating a natural tooth root and this is very important for good dental health and for the stability of your adjacent teeth. With a dental implant, there is no need for your dentist in Watton to cut down or modify healthy teeth for support as there would be if you choose a bridge or partial denture.

The really great news is that most people will be suitable for having a dental implant in Watton, but the best way to find out more information, as well as the time and costs involved is by booking an appointment at Clarence House Dental Care. A consultation will enable you to ask all the questions you probably have about this treatment so you can make an informed choice about your dental care. Just call us on 01953 882-777 to book your appointment today.

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