Why It’s Good To Keep A Packet Of Sugar Free Chewing Gum Handy

Eating habits have changed drastically in the UK with many people no longer sitting down to a regular 3 meals a day. Instead, with our busy lifestyles, many of us are relying on snacks throughout the day, grabbing something to eat when and where we can. Breakfast eaten at the desk, mid morning coffee and a couple of biscuits, sandwiches at lunchtime and a packet of crisps, followed by an afternoon treat and numerous cans of fizzy drinks and cups of coffee throughout the day.

dentist in North HarrowAs a dentist in North Harrow it’s part of our job to advise patients about eating habits that are detrimental for their oral health since our main objective is to help patients retain their own teeth for as long as possible. Whether you’re a grazer or a snacker, it still means that you’re eating frequently at irregular times throughout the day and this is bad news for your teeth, which is why you might want to include sugar free chewing gum into your oral hygiene routine.

PH levels drop dangerously low

While you’re grazing on sugary foods and fruit, you’re also providing food for the plaque that can cause damage in your mouth. Plaque consists of bacteria and other sticky substances which cover the enamel on the teeth. As you munch on starchy or sugary foods, the PH level in the mouth changes and becomes more acidic and this attacks the teeth, causing the onset of erosion and decay. Poisons from plaque also put the gums and bone which supports the teeth at risk. It takes around 20 minutes with the mouth dropping into a danger zone before it becomes neutral once more. The more often we snack, the more our teeth come under attack.

What’s the solution?

We recommend that people chew a piece of sugar free chewing gum for 20 minutes after drinking or eating and include this alongside their regular twice a day brushing. This produces more saliva in the mouth which washes away food particles, helps neutralise acids and re-mineralises tooth enamel.

It would also help to visit your hygienist more regularly to have your teeth cleaned professionally and all traces of harmful plaque removed. If you can, try and limit snacks and incorporate things like crisps and fruit into one “large snack” followed by chewing gum or brushing your teeth, so that your teeth aren’t under as much attack throughout the day.

If you’ve been inadvertently neglecting your teeth, then it’s never too late to do something about it.Why not call Imperial Dental Care, your local dentist in North Harrow, on 020 8427 2264 to book a check-up or contact us via our website at www.imperialdentalcare.co.uk and get back on track again.

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