Why Flossing Is So Important

If you want to keep your teeth for longer then it’s important that you maintain a high level of oral hygiene. Did you know for example that gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults? Apart from seeing your dentist in Southend for regular six month check-ups to have your teeth, gums, and mouth monitored and to receive a professional clean, it’s also important that you establish a daily routine at home. This means brushing your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day and, even more importantly, flossing at least once a day. Yet it never fails to amaze us at how many people skip flossing thinking that it’s a process which doesn’t really need bothering with. It’s almost as if those people who think that flossing is an inconvenience would rather put up with gum disease and cavities over time. We can’t stress enough the important of flossing and here’s why.

dentist in SouthendHowever thoroughly you brush your teeth there are always going to be areas which are hard to reach with the bristles of your toothbrush, such as in between the teeth where particles of food can easily get lodged and along the gum line itself where the base of the teeth meet the gum. Flossing can effectively remove the excess plaque and food which brushing alone doesn’t. Take a look at what could happen if you don’t floss your teeth on a daily basis:

  • Food and plaque that isn’t removed can harden and form tartar in the area where the tooth base meets the gum. This can lead to sore and bleeding gums, otherwise known as gingivitis, which is the first sign that you have gum disease in its earliest stages.
  • Gingivitis can usually be treated quite easily by your hygienist who can scrape away the tartar using special dental tools and give your teeth a thorough clean. However, should you choose to ignore it the tartar can travel down below the surface of the gums and cause periodontitis. This is a more severe form of gum disease which can undermine the bone and cause tooth loss. This can then lead to further problems and expense particularly if you choose dental implants in Southend to restore your smile and bite functionality.
  • Lack of flossing can also lead to an excess build up of potentially harmful bacteria in the mouth. What’s more other parts of the body can also be affected by unhealthy levels of bacteria. In fact, excessive bacteria and gum disease has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and respiratory illnesses.

So now you know just how important flossing is then hopefully you’ll find time in your oral routine to floss on a daily basis. If you need some tips on the correct way to floss then our hygienist will be more than happy to show you. For a check-up and professional clean then why not contact Southend Dental Care. We’re a private and NHS dentist in Southend providing excellent dental care for all the family. Call us today on 01702 465000 to make an appointment or book online at www.southenddentalcare.co.uk.

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