Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is something that virtually every dentist in Basildon will carry out and is used to deal with infection found at the heart or centre of the tooth (also known as the root canal system). Infection at the core of the tooth can also be a major source of tooth ache. Basildon residents in this case should pay a visit to their dentist at the earliest opportunity, because there’s a good chance that tooth pain such as this won’t subside on it’s own.

So what causes the infection?

Infection is caused by bacteria that normally live in the mouth, but it’s when they invade the tooth that problems really occur. This generally happens after:

  • Damage to teeth as a result of an accident, trauma or fall
  • Leaking fillings and finally….
  • Tooth decay

dentist in BasildonThe root canal system contains the dental pulp and covers an area from the crown of the tooth right down into the tooth root itself. It’s also possible for a single tooth to have more than one root canal. When the pulp becomes infected it begins to die and as the bacteria multiplies and spreads, the more problems it causes. Eventually the bacteria and substances that it generates will travel down the root canal until they reach a small hole where the nerves and blood vessels enter. As it continues it causes the tissues surrounding the end of the tooth to become sore and swollen. This is what makes teeth painful, and in some cases patients find that their face swells too. This is known as a dental abscess. If a patient is suffering with a dental abscess then they should arrange an appointment with their dentist immediately. If it’s out of hours, then you might want to speak to an evening and weekend dentist.

So what about treatment?

In order to treat the infection the Basildon dentist needs to remove the bacteria from the root canal system. Sometimes this isn’t possible and the only way to solve the problem is to remove the tooth completely. Conversely if root canal treatment is favourable, once the bacteria has been removed the root canal system will be filled with a man-made substitute for the pulp. The tooth is finally sealed with a filling or crown. If the tissue is inflamed, then a course of antibiotics will help the area to heal naturally. The benefits of this type of treatment are that it’s relatively quick and in 9 cases out of every10, the tooth survives for many years after, thus prolonging its life.

So does it hurt?

Whether you visit an emergency dentist or your regular dentist in Basildon, they’ll suggest that it’s a painless procedure that’s no worse than undertaking a filling, so pain (if any) is minimal. Treatment is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic but for extremely nervous or anxious patients, then there are other methods such as conscious sedation.

If you’re suffering from tooth ache, Basildon clinic Felmores Dental Care have the skills and the experience to identify the problem quickly and to deliver the right treatment in a patient-friendly manner. Check out our website for further information at www.felmoresdentalcare.co.uk Alternatively why not contact us direct on01268 726 789 to book yourself an appointment. Here we can discuss your dental options with you and make sure that you get the right treatment you need.

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