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Why Consider Dental Implants?

Are you missing one or more teeth? Have you thought about ways to replace them? Conventional methods include bridges and dentures but it’s becoming increasingly common to use dental implants in Downham Market and there are very good reasons why you should consider this treatment.

Dental Implants Help Preserve Your Jawbone

dental implants in Downham MarketThis is one of the most important reasons for thinking about dental implants and here’s why. Your natural teeth have quite long roots that extend into the jawbone. In addition to holding teeth securely in position, these roots also supply stimulation to the surrounding bone which helps to keep it strong and healthy.

When a tooth is extracted then the tooth roots are also removed and without this stimulation your jawbone will gradually reabsorb. This means the bony ridge that used to hold your teeth will change shape, becoming flatter and narrower. A dental implant has a titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone, replicating a tooth root so your jawbone remains healthy and doesn’t lose mass and density.

Dental Implants Only Have Positive Effects on Your Natural Teeth

Conventional methods of tooth replacement often require healthy teeth to be modified or cut down. For example, if you have a dental bridge then the teeth either side of the space will have to be cut down so they can be crowned. The crowns are attached to the replacement tooth, forming a dental bridge. Partial dentures are held in place with clasps that fit around existing teeth, or sometimes teeth are modified to take special attachments. The partial denture will fit onto these special attachments so it is held firmly in position.

Dental implants don’t require any such modifications. In fact they help keep your natural teeth in position and ensure they wear down more evenly through spreading the loads created during biting and chewing.

Dental Implants Are Versatile

Dental implants are great for replacing a single missing tooth and they work equally as well for replacing multiple teeth or even entire arches of teeth. Our dentists in Downham Market can create a full arch bridge that will replace all the teeth in your upper or lower arch and which can be held in position with relatively few dental implants. If you wear full dentures, these can be held in place with even fewer dental implants, making treatment highly affordable.

It is true that dental implants will usually take a little longer to complete and that they may cost more than having a conventional bridge or denture. However in the longer term the costs can be lower as a properly cared for dental implant can last for many decades or even for life.

If you are interested in having dental implants, you’ll need to have a consultation with one of our dentists at Downham Market Dental Care. We will assess your suitability and can talk to you about the pros and cons of treatment, the length of time needed to complete your implants and of course the costs. Why not call us today on 01366 382265 to find out more.

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