Why Consider Dental Implants to Replace Your Missing Teeth?

Many adults are missing at least one tooth while quite a few will have had all their natural teeth removed. As well as being embarrassing, tooth loss can affect the ability to speak and eat properly and can generally impact quality of life. We are so lucky to live in an age when tooth loss doesn’t have to be a problem as dental implants have now been safely used for decades and this tried and tested solution can be extremely long-lasting. Some people will go on to enjoy their dental implants for life.

A Proven Solution for Tooth Loss

dental-implants-in-southendProvided this treatment is properly planned and that you are dedicated to looking after your dental implants in Southend, then the success rates are extremely high, offering a clinically proven solution for safely restoring your smile. If you currently find you avoid certain foods because they are hard to chew with missing teeth or with dentures, then just imagine being able to eat the foods you love once again. You can smile and socialise with complete confidence and can get on with enjoying life without worrying about missing teeth.

Explaining Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants consist of three separate parts. The first part is an implant post made from titanium and which is inserted into your jawbone during a small surgical procedure. Once the post is in position it has to be left to heal and integrate, a process called Osseo integration and where new bone cells will grow on and around the post firmly anchoring it into your jawbone. The implant post is specially treated to help encourage this procedure and the medical grade titanium used for implant posts is extremely safe.

Once Osseo integration is complete then an abutment will be attached to the implant post. This is used to support the replacement tooth and your dentist in Southend can use a huge variety of abutments depending on the final restoration. This is one of the things that makes dental implant treatment so very effective as dental implants can replace individual teeth, multiple teeth or even all the teeth in your jaws.

How Treatment Could Help You

Dental implants in Southend can be fantastic for replacing single teeth, producing results that look amazingly natural so no one will ever know you have lost a tooth. They are also equally good for replacing multiple teeth, particularly in the same area of your mouth where we can use a bridge so you won’t need a separate dental implant to replace each single tooth. If you currently wear dentures then it is well worth considering dental implants, as denture stabilisation can be a revelation for anyone currently struggling with ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures.

Provided you don’t have any existing dental problems such as untreated gum disease, or any real problems with your general health then dental implants are likely to be a suitable choice for replacing any missing teeth. To find out for sure, why not book a consultation with our dentist in Southend? To arrange an appointment with Southend Dental Care simply call us on 01702 465000.

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