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Why Bleeding Gums are Not Normal

If your gums bled slightly when you last brushed or flossed and you have noticed this once or twice before, then it could be time to book an appointment with your dentist in Basildon. Bleeding gums are not normal and are a symptom that should not be ignored.

What Bleeding Gums Could Mean for Your Dental Health

healthy gumsIt is possible that your bleeding gums are due to brushing too hard, or perhaps using a hard bristled toothbrush that is too aggressive for your teeth. If you currently use a hard bristled toothbrush then try a soft to medium bristled brush instead. With the proper brushing techniques it will still do a great job of cleaning your teeth and gums but won’t damage them.

Gum Disease

If your gums bleed in spite of being gently brushed, then it is possible they might be infected. Gum disease or periodontal disease is a bacterial infection. It is generally caused by poor oral hygiene and where mouth bacteria have been allowed to build up without being regularly removed by brushing and flossing. When this occurs, the infection and inflammation caused by these bacteria eventually causes the gums to begin to pull away from the teeth, opening wounds in the gum tissue and creating pockets in between the gums and the teeth that soon become filled with even more bacteria. These pockets can be very deep and tricky to keep clean. Without treatment, there is a real risk of losing teeth.

Then there is the problem of mouth bacteria being able to get into your bloodstream through your bleeding gums. This can affect your general health by increasing your chances of developing common health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. If you already have health problems then gum disease could lead to them worsening.

How We Can Help You

Our dentist in Basildon can soon diagnose any signs of gum disease before suggesting the most appropriate and effective treatments. The main thing will be to try to get the bacterial infection in your gums under control, by eliminating as many bacteria as we can. This might be possible through regular oral hygiene treatments, but if you have quite deep gum pockets then these will need to be deep cleaned, possibly with a procedure called scaling and root planning. More intensive than a normal cleaning, this treatment can be very effective at cleaning out gum or periodontal pockets and at cleaning any exposed tooth root surfaces. Once it is completed your gums will have a much better chance of healing and provided you pay attention to your oral health, they should soon begin to fit more snugly around your teeth.

If your periodontal disease is more advanced then you may need more specialised treatments, and it is quite possible these may be ongoing as severe periodontitis cannot always be completely eliminated but instead will need to be controlled with regular periodontal therapy.

If you have noticed blood on your toothbrush or in the bathroom sink, or if you simply need a proper check-up and hygiene appointment, then contact Felmores Dental Care on 01268 726789.

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