Why Bad Breath Shouldn’t Be Ignored

When Bad Breath is Just a Passing Thing

Most people will have the occasional bout of bad breath or halitosis, usually due to eating strongly flavoured foods such as onion and garlic. In this case there is little you can do to correct the problem as it is simply a matter of waiting until the food has been digested and absorbed into your bloodstream. After this, food odours are eventually transported to your lungs and are exhaled on your breath. Cleaning your teeth or using strong mouthwash will only temporarily mask the problem.

When Bad Breath is More Serious

bad breathPersistent bad breath is quite a different story and you should get this problem investigated by a Ladbroke Grove dentist as soon as you can. The most frequent reason for halitosis is due to poor oral hygiene. If you fail to brush and to floss properly then pieces of food trapped in between your teeth will gradually begin to rot, causing very unpleasant odours. Food debris can also become trapped around braces and other dental appliances such as dentures.

If you have a nasty taste in your mouth as well as bad breath, then it is possible you may have gum disease which is also generally due to poor oral hygiene. Failing to brush will allow plaque to build up on your teeth and plaque contains bacteria that produce toxins. These toxins will attack your gums, causing inflammation and infection. Without prompt treatment gum disease can eventually destroy your jawbone, leading to tooth loss.

There are yet more causes of bad breath, as it can be due to yeast infections or untreated tooth decay. If you are unable to produce sufficient saliva, a condition called xerostomia or dry mouth, you are more at risk of dental problems as saliva is necessary to keep your mouth fresh and clean. It helps to wash away old skin cells and excess food particles. This condition may be a side effect of certain medications. There are also certain diseases that may cause bad breath. These include respiratory infections, diabetes, acid reflux or kidney or liver problems to name just a few.

How We Can Help You

When you visit Ladbroke Grove Dental Care with a problem such as persistent bad breath, then we can gently examine your mouth to diagnose the cause. If it is due to dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease, then we can suggest suitable treatment options to help restore good dental health and fresh breath. If we feel your oral hygiene could use some improvement then we will recommend you have your teeth professionally cleaned. Our hygiene team are fantastic and can thoroughly clean your mouth and will offer guidance and education on how to improve your oral care at home. We often find that people are diligently cleaning their teeth, but have got into the habit of missing out certain areas without realising. Dental education can help tremendously.

If we can’t find a reason for your bad breath, our dentist in Ladbroke Grove will suggest you visit your GP, in case there is a medical reason for this problem.

Don’t put up with bad breath any longer and contact us today on 020 7727 9836. We can soon get your breath smelling fresh once more.

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