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Why am I losing my teeth?

It is not uncommon to lose one or  more of your teeth, either from trauma, decay, infection, or old age. Some people simply accept this and choose to not do anything about it. Your teeth are fundamental to the aesthetics of your smile and contribute to maximum dental and overall health. If they fall out or are extracted, you are advised to replace them.

Don’t let a gap in your smile affect your health, relationships, profession, or self-confidence. It’s time to give dental implants in Brentwood serious consideration.

Dental Implants in BrentwoodWhy do I need to replace missing teeth?

Your teeth play a big role in your digestive system, your speech and your appearance. They also promote strength in the jawbone; the more you chew, the stronger the bone and the more support for your teeth.

When teeth are missing, it throws off the mutual relationship between the bone and the teeth, and the jawbone will start to deteriorate. Neighbouring teeth can start to loosen and can shift out of place to fill in the gap and could even fall out completely if you do not seek treatment.

What exactly are dental implants?

Many people refer to the entire prosthetic as a dental implant, but technically, the implant is just the screw made from titanium. Your dentist at Dental Care Group secures the dental implant in the jaw, just as a natural tooth root. After oral surgery, the biocompatible metals, designed to be accepted by the body, fuse directly with the jawbone. This provides support for the abutment and crown that make up the rest of your prosthetic tooth, creating your completed dental implants in Brentwood.

What dental implants do you use?

For your dental implants in Brentwood, we use the Osstem dental implants system. It is currently the globe’s fifth most popular and trusted implant system and is Asia’s number one dental implant system. Over 60 countries around the world use this system out of many hundreds available.

For front teeth (incisors and canines) an angled abutment (post) will be required. Our dentists will advise you if you need the angled abutment (post) on back teeth for your dental implants in Brentwood.

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