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Why a Dental Implant Could Be a Great Solution for That Missing Tooth

If you lose just a single tooth, particularly if it is slightly towards the back of your mouth and isn’t highly visible, then it might be tempting to just ignore it. However leaving an empty space will affect your remaining natural teeth and it is important to consider the best way to replace it. When you have a gap left by a missing tooth then it allows the teeth adjacent to this space to drift towards it, and the teeth that used to oppose the missing tooth will also drift towards the gap as they will no longer be biting down on anything. Although there are a couple of options that include a bridge or even a partial denture, it’s likely we may suggest dental implants in Clacton. This is increasingly becoming the most popular choice for replacing missing teeth and treatment is well worth the effort.

dental-implantsWhy a Single Dental Implant Can Be a Great Solution

The nice thing about having a dental implant is that it is designed to replicate a real tooth, including the tooth root. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly replacing a tooth root with an artificial implant post will help prevent any bone loss in your jaw by providing the stimulation that would normally be provided by your real tooth root. Another thing to consider is that the implant post will support your replacement tooth in a way that is only beneficial for your existing natural teeth. Your new implant crown will prevent your natural teeth from moving out of position and there is no need for our dentist in Clacton to modify your existing teeth in any way.

This is a huge plus, as with a dental bridge we do need to grind down the teeth adjacent to the gap as these have to be crowned to support the bridge tooth or pontic. It is always a shame when we have to modify potentially healthy teeth in any way as having crowns does increase the risk that they may leak at a later date as the crowns begin to age, increasing the risk of tooth decay developing underneath the crown. With a bridge tooth, the pontic rests on the gums and although this can look nice it’s not quite as good as an implant crown.If you choose a partial denture, we normally need to use metal clasps that will fit around your existing teeth. Sometimes it is necessary to modify these teeth slightly to get the clasps to fit and these clasps can place additional stress on your teeth.

Aesthetically, a single implant crown can look fantastic and this is because it will look as if it is your very own natural tooth, emerging from the gums just like your real teeth.

Worth the Effort

The treatment for having dental implants in Clacton does take a bit longer but we feel it is well worth the effort. You will benefit from having the most up-to-date technology that provides long-lasting results. We plan every single dental implant treatment very carefully as we want to ensure you can enjoy your implant teeth for many years to come.

If you are at all interested in finding out more about dental implants, then please contact Clacton Dental Care on 01255 221001 to book your consultation.

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