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Who Would Benefit Most From Wearing A Mouth Guard?

People throughout the Basildon area have been placing their trust in Felmores Dental Care for many years because we offer a comprehensive general dentistry service aimed at preventing and treating a wide range of dental issues. Because of this we’ve become many people’s favoured dentist in Basildon. When it comes to preventative care one of the biggest factors can be something as simple as a mouth guard.

So what exactly are they?

dentist in BasildonIn general terms mouth guards are oral appliances that are used to protect the teeth, tongue, and gums from harm. They can be used to help prevent injury, or are used in a restorative capacity when the mouth has already been subject to problems such as crooked teeth. Basildonresidents can feel rest assured that the team at Felmores Dental Care will do all they can to help.

When are they used?

Contact sports

Athlete’s or those that compete in sport (particularly the contact variety) could well be good candidates for a mouth guard. Sports such as

  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Martial Arts

are prime examples of when mouth guards can be used in order to prevent injury to teeth and gums. While you can pick up standardised mouth guards in sports shops up and down the country, here at Felmores Dental Care, we can customise one for you. Because they fit perfectly, your bespoke mouth guard is not only going to be more comfortable but is also going to offer greater all-round protection.

Bruxism sufferers

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a common complaint that often occurs during sleep. It can be caused by a number of factors including stress and poor dental alignment. Not only can it causetoothache, Basildon teeth grinders can also suffer further ongoing problems such as temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMJ), constant headaches, back and neck ache, and of course worn or cracked teeth. The use of a protective mouth guard which is worn at night is often used in conjunction with other remedies such as relaxation techniques. The idea is that the mouth guard prevents contact between the lower and upper arches when the patient is asleep.

TMJ disorder

Often brought on by teeth grinding, temporo-mandibular joint disorder can be painful. A good sign that a patient suffers with TMJ is when the jaw clicks and pops when biting, chewing, or speaking. Again a mouth guard can be used to help the teeth from coming into contact with one another when sleeping.

If you need to speak to a Basildon dentist because you have bite problems or suffer from teeth grinding, or alternatively, simply need protection when playing sport, then book an appointment to see a specialist at Felmores Dental Care. To make a booking either contact us via our website at or pick up the phone and speak to us in person on 01268 726789. Dental Care is made easy when you talk to Felmores.

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