Which Kind of Tooth Whitening Treatment Is Right for You?

If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth then you may have thought about whitening them and a professional tooth whitening treatment will always be the safest and most effective way to brighten up your smile. Here at South Benfleet Dental Care, we offer two different types of whitening treatments for our patients and which are power whitening in our dental clinic or fully customised home whitening kits. So which might be best for you and why?

Power Whitening

tooth whitening treatmentFor our power whitening treatment we use Zoom whitening products which are some of the best-known on the market and the most effective. Your whitening treatment will take around an hour to complete during which time you can sit back and relax in our comfortable dental chair. For this treatment your gums and lips are protected before a special whitening gel is painted onto your teeth. The whitening gel is activated with a light which simply helps the gel to penetrate your teeth more easily and more quickly. Afterwards the gel is wiped off and we may repeat this process several times until we get the kind of results you desire. You might want to choose this treatment if you have a special event coming up quite quickly or if you simply can’t wait to see how your teeth will look once they are whiter.

Home Whitening Kits

Our home whitening kits are far superior to anything you can buy over-the-counter and include custom-made whitening trays designed to fit tightly over your teeth so the whitening gel cannot leak out. We will provide you with a special type of whitening gel that contains carbamide peroxide which is a very safe and stable form of hydrogen peroxide. You will be shown exactly how to use in the whitening trays and you simply need to wear them for a few hours each day or if you prefer you can leave them in overnight. It generally takes around two weeks to achieve the full results but you will notice your teeth begin to look whiter and brighter after just a few days of use. Opting for this treatment can be more cost-effective than choosing power whitening and you have the advantage of being able to use the whitening trays to top up the results at a later date. You might also want to opt for this treatment if your teeth are particularly sensitive as this procedure will use a lower strength of whitening gel which will be more comfortable for you.

Can Tooth Whitening Damage My Teeth?

Yes, as when teeth whitening products are incorrectly used then there is the possibility they could damage your teeth. We will make sure this cannot happen to you as our dentist in South Benfleet will thoroughly check your teeth and gums before beginning this treatment to make sure it is suitable for you. We only use top quality products and as dental professionals we are trained to use them properly. It’s important to remember that tooth whitening is a dental treatment and that any form of cosmetic dentistry in South Benfleet is best carried out by a dentist.

To enjoy a whiter smile this year, why not give us a call today on 01268 793485 and discover if tooth whitening is right for you.

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