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When’s The Best Time To Take My Child To The Dentist?

It could be that the best time to visit your dentist in Southend with your child is much sooner than you think. According to the NHS, your child should visit the dentist at the youngest age possible, and we’d certainly recommend that you bring your baby to see us before they reach their first birthday. As a rule of thumb most dentists advise bringing your child along to the dentist about six months after the appearance of their first tooth.

Prevent tooth decay

NHS Dentist in SouthendOne of the very best methods of avoiding tooth decay is for children to get used to visiting their Southend dentist from a very early age. Your dentist can show you just how to care for your child’s teeth and discuss their fluoride needs, since decay can occur as soon as a tooth appears. Introducing your child to the dentist earlier rather than later, can develop into good oral habits and by getting them used to the dentist takes away any anxiety or fear that could lead to problems later on in life.

How to prepare for the first visit

Discuss with your dentist what to expect from a first visit so that there are no nasty surprises. Talk to your child about the forthcoming visit telling them what to expect and building up a certain level of excitement.

What happens on the first visit?

Many first visits are merely for your child to put a face to the dentist and to get acquainted with the clinic. If they show signs of fear or are uncooperative then it’s best to reschedule the appointment. Make an appointment for early in the day when your child is fresh and alert, we all know how children can play up when they’re feeling tired!

If your child is cooperating with the dentist then first session should only last about 20 minutes and, depending on their age, may include the following:

  • A thorough but gentle examination of the teeth, gums, oral tissues, bite and jaw to monitor development and growth and to check for any problem areas
  • If necessary, a gentle cleaning may be carried out to remove any build up of plaque and stains and to polish the teeth
  • An assessment on the need for a fluoride application
  • Demonstration on how to clean teeth at home
  • X-rays

Children learn from their parents so make sure that you attend regular six monthly check-ups so that your child sees this as normal behaviour. Prevention is always better than cure, so call us to make an appointment for your child. Our friendly dental team will take good care of your child and make them feel special so don’t delay call Southend Dental Care today on 01702 465000. We’re a private and NHS Dentist in Southend and look forward to welcoming you and your family. You can also find out more information about the treatments we provide by visiting our website at

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