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What Will Happen if You Need a Tooth Removed?

You will find that everyone here at Downham Market Dental Care regards tooth extraction as being the very last possible choice. We will try every viable option to save a tooth before recommending you have it removed. We may need to take out a tooth if it is extremely badly damaged. This might be the case if you have had a dental abscess, where root canal treatment hasn’t been possible or has eventually failed, or if a tooth is simply too broken down to be fully restored.

downham marketWe know that no one wants to have a tooth taken out, but you will find our Downham Market dentist will take a lot of care when removing your tooth during this small surgical procedure. We will make sure you are kept completely comfortable at all times and your tooth will be gently removed using specialised tools and equipment to make it less traumatic for you and to ensure that the bone surrounding your tooth isn’t badly damaged by the process. This is particularly important if you wish to replace your tooth with a dental implant afterwards and will help ensure better results.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth removal is often quite straightforward and is extremely common. You probably already know people who have had their wisdom teeth out. If we suggest you have your wisdom teeth removed then it will be because we can see quite clearly that they cannot erupt without causing problems, or it could be that they are trying to erupt and are causing you pain or are becoming infected. With wisdom teeth, they can often be impacted, meaning they will try to come up underneath existing teeth. Some will partially erupt and as a result may be covered up with a flap of gum tissue which can prove very difficult to keep thoroughly clean, particularly as wisdom teeth are right at the back of the mouth. In this case removal is the best option to prevent infection and decay which could otherwise cause discomfort or pain.

What to Expect after a Tooth Is Removed

Tooth removal is normally very straightforward and healing should be relatively quick and problem free. You might need to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth for the first few days to allow the area to heal or will want to stick to soft, easy to chew foods. If you do file discomfort it should be simple to control it with over-the-counter painkillers. Any substantial increase in pain may require further investigation by our Downham Market dentist. This is because on very rare occasions a condition called dry socket can arise, where the blood clot that would normally cover and protect the empty tooth socket somehow becomes dislodged, allowing infection to set in. Dry socket isn’t serious and we can soon clear it up by thoroughly cleaning the area and dressing it to make you feel more comfortable. It will simply slow down healing by a few days.

If you need a tooth removed then you can rest assured our Downham Market dentist will be as gentle as they can and it is probably better to get it removed sooner rather than later. Call us to find out more about this service on 01366 382265.

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