What to do if Your Gums Begin to Bleed

Did you notice your gums were bleeding slightly when you brushed your teeth this morning, or perhaps your gums bled when you flossed? Noticing blood on your toothbrush or in your bathroom sink is not a good sign. A common reaction is to stop brushing quite so thoroughly or to stop flossing completely in the belief that this will allow the gums to heal. In fact this isn’t the case and leaving your gums alone is not a good solution.

Why Gums Begin to Bleed

gum healthIt is possible that your gums have begun to bleed because you are brushing them too hard. This might be the case if you choose a hard bristled toothbrush or have a brushing technique that involves scrubbing very hard. If this sounds familiar then switch to a soft to medium bristle brush and ask your Downham Market dentist or hygienist for more advice on the proper brushing techniques. Otherwise it’s likely your gums are bleeding because they are infected.

Improper brushing techniques can lead to plaque building up over the surface of your teeth and this is a sticky substance that contains bacteria. These bacteria produce toxins that will inflame and infect your gums unless you thoroughly clean your teeth twice a day and floss once-a-day. This condition is called gingivitis in its early stages but without treatment it will progress into a disease called periodontitis which is considerably more serious and is the largest cause of tooth loss in the world. Bleeding gums is one of the first signs of gingivitis and the good news is that with the proper treatment gingivitis can easily be completely reversed, without causing any permanent damage to your teeth and gums. Other signs include noticing your gums look red or feel puffy and they might feel tender if you gently press them.

Taking Action to Restore Your Gum Health

If you even slightly suspect you might have gum disease then it’s a great idea to book an appointment with your Downham Market dentist. At the same time schedule an appointment with a hygienist at the practice as your teeth will need to be professionally cleaned, particularly if you haven’t been to see a dentist for a while. When you visit Downham Market Dental Care, our dentist can carefully assess your gums and may gently probe them to gauge the progression of any gum disease. They can then suggest the most suitable treatments. During the early stages of gum disease in might be as simple as seeing our hygienist for a professional scale and polish.

Once your teeth have been professionally cleaned then much of the bacteria causing the infection would have been removed. As gum disease is often due to poor oral hygiene, you will find our hygienist can work with you to improve your brushing and flossing techniques and to discover which areas of your mouth you might be missing when brushing regularly. However it’s important to follow your hygienist’s instructions on dental care at home. By paying close attention to your brushing and flossing routines, you can soon restore your gums to a healthy state within just a few weeks.

If you have bleeding gums then now is the time to take action. Give us a call on 01366 382265 and let us help you enjoy good gum health once more.

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