What Should You Do If You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Even if you regularly visit your dentist for check-ups and generally keep on top of your oral health, there may still be a time when you, or a member of your family need emergency dental treatment. The thing is, when your mouth is throbbing with pain or your son has damaged his teeth having fallen off his bike, emotions are running high and you may be unsure how to find an emergency dentist?

Who do you call?

The good news is that most dental clinics operate an emergency dental care service and so the first step would be to call your own dentist and explain the situation. If it’s out of hours or at the weekend, then you may find there is a different number to call and this should be shown on their website or literature. If you can’t get in touch with your own dentist then get in touch with NHS Direct. They’ll have a list of emergency dentists and will be able to give you contact details for your nearest Together Dental practice.

What would be regarded as a dental emergency?

It’s not always easy to know when a tooth, mouth, or gum problem requires emergency care or even what to do about it. So, here’s a handy guide to a few situations that are typically regarded as dental emergencies.

  • Cracked tooth – If your tooth is chipped or broken in some way then call your dentist right away. Meanwhile rinse the mouth out with warm water and while you wait to get to a dentist, hold a cold compress on the outside of the affected area.
  • Knocked out tooth – Carefully grasp the tooth at the crown and wash gently under water to remove any dirt from the root, being careful not to damage any of the soft tissue that may be attached. Try and push it back into the socket using your fingers and gently bite down on it. A tooth mustn’t be left to dry outside of the mouth, so if this doesn’t work place it in a small beaker of milk to preserve it. You must get to a dentist within the next half an hour for the best chances of saving it.
  • Damaged braces – If your brace gets damaged then call your orthodontist in North Harrow. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be asked to visit your orthodontist the same day, in other cases it may be that the problem can wait until your next appointment.
  • Lost crown or filling – Call your dentist for an appointment. Any pain can often be reduced with over the counter pain killers or by applying oil of cloves to the sensitive areas, but check with your dentist first.
  • Severe toothache – Rinse your mouth with warm water and gently floss around the area to make sure there’s nothing caught between your teeth. If the toothache persists then call your dentist.

Some dental emergencies can lead to problems which are life threatening, so if you’re in any doubt at all, then contact an emergency dentist in London, Essex or Norfolk. The earlier you seek treatment for any dental problems the more chance there is of a successful outcome and continued good dental health.

Here at Imperial dental care our team are trained to deal with all manner of emergency dental issues and will soon have to feeling fighting fit and back to normal.

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