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What Should You Do If You Have a Dental Emergency?

We realise that dental emergencies can happen at the most awkward times imaginable, perhaps as a result of injury or infection. If you do need an emergency dentist in Watton, please contact Clarence House Dental Care as soon as you can. We always keep an appointment or two free each day for dental emergencies to ensure you receive same day treatment. While it might not be possible to completely restore a tooth at this stage, we will at least diagnose the problem, and will provide you with a treatment plan detailing all your options and the costs involved and of course we’ll relive any pain and discomfort.

What to do if you knock out a Tooth

emergency dentist in wattonIf you knock out a tooth then it might just still be possible to save it but you need to act quickly. Carefully pick up the tooth and you can rinse off any dirt and try to reinsert it yourself, or you can place it in a small container with a little milk or plain water to take to an emergency dentist in Watton. Reinsertion is most likely to succeed if carried out within an hour of the tooth being knocked out so please don’t delay in contacting us.

Why it is Important to Mend That Chipped Tooth

If you have just chipped a tooth it can sometimes be tempting to just ignore and to think you’ll deal with it later, particularly if the tooth isn’t very visible. But here is why you shouldn’t do that. Your teeth are covered in tooth enamel, one of the hardest substances in the body. Tooth enamel does a great job of protecting your teeth, but if you lose some enamel through having a chipped tooth then this can allow bacteria in your mouth to get into the tooth.

Immediately below the layer of tooth enamel is another type of tooth structure called dentine. This is more delicate than tooth enamel and can be easily eaten away by the acids produced by mouth bacteria. This will eventually create a cavity but you may not have any real symptoms, except perhaps for a little increased tooth sensitivity. Eventually, unless the cavity is filled by your dentist in Watton, the cavity will reach the nerves of your tooth, right in the pulp. By this time you are likely to notice something is very wrong with the tooth as an infection can be painful. An infected tooth may hurt whenever you try to bite or chew on it, or it can create a continuous throbbing pain.

At this stage you are likely to need a root canal treatment. Contrary to popular belief, this should be no worse than having a filling and is really great at preserving teeth that would otherwise need to be removed by a dentist in Watton. However, it is important to seek professional dental care as soon as you can, as if the tooth becomes abscessed, where the infection has spread out beyond the tooth roots, then there may be not alternative but to extract it in order to clear up the infection.

As soon as you have a dental emergency, please contact us on 01953 882777 to book an appointment. In the meantime, we’ll be able to give you advice specific to your needs to help keep you comfortable until you can get into see us.

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