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What NHS Dental Treatment Am I Entitled To?

Most high street dentists now offer a mixture of NHS and private dental treatments so it’s important that you’re aware of what you’re receiving. Many people are confused about what treatment they’re entitled to from their NHS dentist in Clacton, so let’s take a look.

Who can receive NHS dental treatment?

NHS dentist in ClactonEveryone is entitled to NHS dental treatment to keep their teeth and gums healthy and free from pain. So, if you need dental treatment then you should be able to get it on the NHS. However, your dentist in Clacton should be able to explain any treatment with you and discuss potential costs and benefits. Be aware that your dentist is not allowed to refuse you treatment that is available on the NHS and then offer to do it privately instead.

NHS dental treatments include:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Preventative treatment such as ‘scrape and polish’ if considered clinically necessary
  • Orthodontic treatment for under 18’s
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dentures

The NHS will not pay for teeth whitening in Clacton, which although it may improve the appearance of your smile, is considered cosmetic.

Many people decide to embark on a mixture of NHS and private treatment from their Clacton dentist and your treatment plan should show a clear breakdown of private and NHS costs, if you’re having both.

Costs of NHS dental treatment

Certain people are entitled to treatment from the NHS which is free. Otherwise there are 3 standard price bands for NHS treatments as follows:

Band 1 – Cost £18.80

This covers examination and diagnosis (e.g. x-rays), preventative treatment such as scale and polish if deemed clinically necessary, fluoride application. Emergency care even it that requires more than one visit.

Band 2 – £51.30

All of the above from Band 1 plus treatments such as fillings, extractions, and root canal therapy

Band 3 – £222.50

This includes everything from Bands 1 and 2 plus dentures, bridges, and crowns.

How to find a NHS Dentist

Unlike searching for a doctor or a new school for your kids, you don’t have to live within a certain catchment area. Instead you can choose an NHS dentist in Clacton or one closer to your place of work, for example. The NHS Choices website has a list of NHS dentists and you can also look at feedback from clients.

Here at Clacton Dental Care we offer both NHS and private dental care and are currently accepting new NHS patients. Why not give us a call on 01255 221001 to book your first appointment. Or for more information on all of the services that we provide you may like to check out our website at

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