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What Makes Dental Implants a Better Way to Replace Teeth?

It is incredibly common to be missing at least one or two teeth, especially if you are a little older. If you have lost one or two teeth then you’ll probably have found your dentist in South Benfleet is particularly keen for you to get them replaced as soon as possible. In fact they have almost certainly suggested that you consider dental implants in South Benfleet. So why should you consider dental implants rather than other means of tooth replacement, and just what makes them so good?

Dental Implants are good for Oral Health

dental implants in South BenfleetOne of the great things about dental implants is that they can actually benefit your oral health. This is because of the way they are constructed. The secret lies in the implant post. For a start it is made from titanium, a metal that is extremely biocompatible with the human body so it is likely to integrate without any problems. The fact that the implant post is able to integrate so well is another reason why treatment can be so successful. Once your dentist in South Benfleet has inserted the post, it will gradually fuse with your jawbone. This is because the implant post is specially treated to encourage new bone cells to grow on the post and around it. The end result will be a post that is firmly anchored in the jawbone so it is able to support a new replacement tooth.

Dental Implants are good for Your Jawbone

There is another reason why implants are great for dental health and which is to do with the jawbone. When you have a tooth out, your dentist will remove the entire tooth which includes its roots. In addition to holding teeth in the jaw, tooth roots also stimulate the jawbone so the body knows it has to continue renewing old bone cells. As soon as the tooth root is removed, this process no longer occurs and the jawbone is gradually resorbed by the body. This can greatly affect dental health. For a start it will destabilise any remaining natural teeth that are near to the gap and if you have lost multiple teeth then it can affect appearance. A dental implant acts just like a tooth root, so bone isn’t lost and this is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of having dental implants in South Benfleet.

Dental Implants Can Look Fantastic

Once a dental implant has been restored with a new crown, bridge or denture, then the results can look amazing. You’d be hard pushed to tell an implant crown as it just looks like a real tooth emerging from the gums. Dental implants are really great for replacing large arches of teeth or for holding dentures in position, and can be a huge boon for anyone who has ever struggled with a loose and uncomfortable denture.

So what should you do if you’d like to find out more about dental implants in South Benfleet? It is easy as all you need do is book a consultation with South Benfleet Dental Care. Call us on 01268 793485 to book your appointment today.

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