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What is it like to have Invisalign as an adult?

What is it like to have Invisalign as an adult?

Lots of you have been asking about what it’s actually like to have Invisalign teeth straightening treatment. We sat down with one of our patients, Liz, who is currently having Invisalign treatment and has been keeping a diary of her experiences.

Liz works in marketing in London, and lives in Beaconsfield. She is a mum to two boys. She is a keen windsurfer, getting onto the water whenever she can. Liz says; “In November 2020 I committed to the Invisalign treatment that I had been thinking about for several years. It might have been because I have been on back to back zoom calls for most of the year, and like many others I had looking at little things about my teeth which began to bug me.

Years ago, back in school I knocked my teeth out playing hockey. Ouch! Although it was sorted out when I was still a teenager I’ve always been conscious that my crown is proud. It’s something that I’ve always been away of and had in the back of my mind. As I’ve got older my bottom teeth have started to overlap slightly. Again, it wasn’t major but it was something I was becoming increasingly aware of so I decided it was time to act.

My dentist, Dr Shivani Thakrar at Together Dental in Broxbourne is wonderful! She is very experienced and is a pleasure to be around but is also expert at the technical side. She also does aesthetic treatments so I was also able to include a subtle line and wrinkle treatment into my makeover.

The treatment doesn’t take too long. Shivani had already taken a cast of my teeth and gums and so when she applies the first clear retainer there are some tweaks she makes to my teeth but it isn’t uncomfortable.

Invisalign is a series of aligners, each one tailored slightly to move your journey along and realign your teeth. It’s a process and during my treatment I am going to have around 9 different aligners, each one slightly different moving my teeth gently toward their new position.

When I am driving home, and later that night it starts to feel really chunky in my mouth. It crosses my mind that I might lose weight as I won’t be able to eat with it in!

But already, by only the next morning I am feeling much more at home with the aligners. Typically, my husband and the boys don’t even notice that I am wearing them!  I have to point it out and tell them. It’s really impressive that they are unseen – it’s magic!

By day 3, it feels quite tight in my mouth, but I’m getting very used to wearing it. Eating and drinking requires some planning. I’ve stopped snacking and tend to decide in advance when I am going to eat.

I thought I noticed I had a slight lisp at the start but this seems to have gotten better the more that I used the retainer. Still no one has noticed! My husband actually bought it for me for Christmas and he is now thinking of having it for himself too! Let’s see what the next few weeks bring!

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