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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry And Who Can Benefit From It?

Once upon a time a visit to the dentist meant you were either going for a check-up, to have a filling, get a brace fitted, or have a tooth extracted – ouch! Nowadays, going to the dentist is an entirely new experience and as well as the reasons above, many people are benefiting from the huge rise in cosmetic dentistry in Clacton and elsewhere in the UK.

So what is cosmetic dentistry?

cosmetic dentistry in ClactonWell basically it’s all about improving your looks and correcting dental issues. A bit like you go to the hairdressers to have your hair styled, or you might visit a surgeon to have your nose reshaped, only in this instance you can visit your dentist in Clacton to improve the cosmetics of your smile. There are many different forms of cosmetic dentistry which can help with things such as improving the colour of your teeth, straightening them, or repairing and restoring them.

Let’s take a look at a 3 of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments that a person just like you may benefit from:

  1. Porcelain Veneers – Veneers are growing in popularity as people see celebrities who have been fitted with them and want their smile to look equally as attractive. Veneers are like a false nail for teeth since they fit over the whole surface of the outer teeth hiding any imperfections beneath. Made from wafer thin layers of porcelain they can be colour matched and shaped to match existing teeth and can also correct teeth which are slightly crooked, too short, or
    too long, or that have gaps in between them.
  1. Dental crowns – Dental crowns are all about repairing teeth that have got damaged over time. They’re often used for teeth where large fillings have broken or where part of the tooth has broken off. To fit a crown, any decay is removed and the tooth is cleaned out, and shaped so that the tooth coloured porcelain crown can be fitted over it. Covering the whole of the visible area to the gum line it strengthens the tooth, restores its shape and size, and makes
    your smile look more attractive.
  1. White fillings – White fillings or compound fillings as they’re also called, are often used in cosmetic dentistry in Clactonto replace the old style silver amalgam fillings which were once the main type of filling used. They’re great for areas of the mouth that are particularly visible
    such as the front upper teeth, but can be used anywhere in the mouth. Tooth coloured, they blend in for a seamless natural look to give the impression of a perfect set of unblemished teeth, meaning you don’t have to worry about any silver metal showing when you smile.

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry becoming more affordable there’s every reason for you to consider improving your smile and confidence with one or more of our cosmetic treatments. To find out more why not book a consultation with Clacton Dental Care by visiting our website at or calling us on 01255 221001. If you have a busy schedule then you may want to take advantage of the fact that we’re an evening and weekend dentist in Clacton who aims to be as flexible as we possibly can.

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