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What Is a Smile Makeover?

You’ve probably read or heard about well-known celebrities and actors having smile makeovers and may have noticed they are sporting gorgeously white smiles, but what does it actually mean if you have a smile makeover and do you have to be a movie star to benefit from this treatment?

smile-makeoverSmile Makeovers Are for Everyone

You don’t need to be a TV star or even have a celebrity’s bank balance to benefit from a smile makeover. This is simply a process of using a combination of different dental treatments to help improve the appearance of your teeth. The great thing about smile makeovers is that our dentist in Clacton can tailor-make your treatment plan to fit in with your budget. Another nice thing about using a combination of treatments is that we can ensure your smile makeover is conservative.

For example, most people want to have a nice, evenly aligned and white smile. This can be achieved through teeth whitening or by using porcelain veneers to completely cover up all the teeth you can see when smiling or talking. By using a combination of the two, we can produce more conservative results as you may only require one or two veneers to cover up teeth that are too small or worn down or which are badly chipped. If the rest of your teeth are nicely shaped then veneers may be unnecessary and we can improve the overall appearance of these teeth by whitening them. Another option is to combine teeth whitening with orthodonticsand our dentist in Clactonis able to provide a range of different and very discreet braces.

Which Treatments Could Help My Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry in Clacton includes a lot of different and exciting dental treatments. Typical treatments that may be used during a smile makeover include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges as well as tooth coloured cosmetic fillings. We also have a number of more advanced dental treatments that include orthodontics and dental implants. It all depends on whether you wish to drastically change the appearance of your smile or would prefer a mini smile makeover to subtly enhance the appearance of your teeth.

When you come to visit our dentist in Clacton, we can carefully assess your teeth and will listen to your aims before suggesting treatments that we feel will work well for you. Every smile makeover is individually designed so you will get results that are just right for you. As the finishing touch, you might wish to consider anti-wrinkle injections that can help subtly reduce innate your appearance, softening fine lines and giving you a more youthful look.

Using the very latest cosmetic dentistry in Clacton, we can give you your dream smile, rebuilding or replacing broken down and missing teeth, providing you with teeth that are fully functional and which will look amazing. If that sounds like a bit too much, then we can create a far more subtle smile makeover that will keep everybody guessing. Why not call Clacton Dental Care today to book your consultation. Phone us on 01255 221001 or take a look at our cosmetic dentistry section on our website at

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