What Exactly Is Invisible Orthodontics And How Does It Work?

There’s no getting away from the fact that orthodontics has come a long way in the last decade or so and once, if you needed a dentist to sort out your crooked teeth, Basildon dental clinics and indeed any other clinic up and down the country would have fitted you with standard metal braces. Although traditional metal braces are still being used by many clinics the world over, more and more clinics are turning to innovative technology when it comes to braces. Orthodontics in Basildon, for example, has changed and now new techniques such as invisible orthodontics are being used; but what exactly is it and more importantly how does it work?

teeth straightening in BasildonIn essence invisible orthodontics is a system of clear, sometimes removable braces that are very hard to see. They’re often a favoured option of many adults and teenagers alike who really don’t like the idea of wearing clearly visible (and often unsightly) metal braces for months on end. Depending on individual cases this style of cosmetic dentistry in Basildon can often give a patient a much shorter treatment time.

So how does it work?

Firstly your Basildon dentist will take an impression of your mouth and from this, a team of technicians will set about creating a 3D model or mock-up. Special computerised software will then map out a unique treatment plan detailing how your teeth will move week by week until they’re perfectly aligned in your jaw.

The idea is that the teeth slowly move into position by fitting special invisible braces known as aligners. These are custom made using the mock-up and fit perfectly around your teeth. Normally you’ll be expected to wear one set for two weeks and then move onto the next set. However this does depend upon the severity of your case. Teeth straightening in Basildon for example is usually monitored closely by means of regular check-ups. This way it’s easy for your dentist to keep a close eye on how your teeth are progressing and from this, they can let you know when they think that you’re ready to move onto the next stage or set of aligners.

More often than not, successful results are as much down to the patient as they are a Basildon dentist. By following the treatment plan and wearing them for the correct amount of time, you’ll stand a far greater chance of having straight natural looking teeth.

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