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What Dental Treatment Can I Get From An NHS Dentist In Southend?

According to figures from the Department of Health more people than ever are receiving NHS dental treatment. As a dentist in Southend providing both NHS and private care we find that people are confused as to what dental treatments they can receive on the NHS so we thought we’d use this opportunity to clarify the situation.

NHS dentist in SouthendNHS dental treatment is restricted to work that is considered necessary by your NHS dentist in Southend to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy and to keep you free from any pain. It involves prevention and maintenance to help you reach a good level of oral health. This includes   such things as a dental examination, scrape and polish, and treatments such as fillings and extractions. Your NHS dentist will also be there for you in the event that you have toothache. As well as general dentistry your NHS dentist will be able to provide you with methods of tooth replacement including crowns, bridges, and dentures.

So what about teeth whitening or dental implants?

The NHS budget is already severely stretched so they can’t fund treatments which are purely for aesthetic purposes such as teeth whitening. Although dental implants in Southend and elsewhere in the UK, are considered the very best replacement for missing teeth, they are unfortunately categorised as a cosmetic procedure and are therefore not generally available on the NHS. Having said that, there are a few cases where individuals have managed to get implants where it is considered a medical necessity, but you have to prove that you are making this choice out of necessity and not as a lifestyle change. For example, if you have a congenital defect or ill fitting dentures, or perhaps you suffer an injury and lose several teeth and implants are the best possible course of action. You’d have to consult with your dentist in Southend and have their backing before approaching the NHS who unfortunately, do have to prioritise according to needs, but you could just be one of the lucky few.

If you’re unable to obtain NHS funding then you may have to consider going private for your dental implants. Many dental clinics offer finance schemes whereby you can spread the cost of your treatment by instalments, making it more affordable.

Hopefully this has helped clear up what treatment you can expect to receive from an NHS dentist. Here at Southend Dental Care for a limited time, we’re accepting new NHS patients so if you’re in need of an NHS dentist in Southend, then why not get in touch with us by calling 01702 465000 or contact us via our website at We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

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