What Braces Are Best?

If you have recently decided to have orthodontic treatment then you might not have got as far as finding out which brace is best for your needs. It largely depends on the orthodontic problems requiring correction and it’s a good idea to keep an open mind before you get round to visiting a dentist and finding out more about teeth straightening in Southend. Over the past few years orthodontic technologies have evolved and are extremely sophisticated. This means treatment can often be completed more quickly and more comfortably than ever before.

Here at Together Dental Southend we offer quite a wide variety of braces as we aim to cater for patients with lots of different orthodontic issues. Your choices include both fixed and removable braces. While removable braces can seem like the most attractive option, it’s worth considering fixed braces, particularly if our dentist in Southend recommends this choice for you. If fixed braces bring to mind up an image of ugly metal brackets and wires then you are in for a very pleasant surprise, as today’s modern braces are far more discreet and are virtually invisible.

Why You Might Want to Consider Having a Fixed Brace

It’s possible that you might be advised to have fixed braces in Southend if your orthodontic problems are more complex. By using a fixed brace, an orthodontist in Southend can move your teeth extremely precisely which is great for more complicated issues. Additionally, fixed braces are working continually to straighten your teeth and you will not need to worry about forgetting to wear your brace.

These days it’s possible to choose fixed braces that include clear ceramic brackets and extremely thin wires. Options such as Fastbraces use small triangular shaped brackets to quickly move your teeth. By using these brackets, our dentist in Southend can plan to move both the crown and the root of the tooth at the same time. In comparison traditional brace brackets are square and move teeth in stages, first repositioning the crown of the tooth before moving the root. This slows down the straightening process but with an option such as Fastbraces you can often complete treatment within a matter of a few months. Another possible option is Six Months Smiles which again uses special clear brackets attached to tooth coloured wires, creating an effect that is barely visible. As the name suggests, most people will complete teeth straightening in Southend in just six months, although treatment times can vary.

What about Removable Braces?

If you would prefer to wear a removable brace then we can offer you Invisalign clear aligners. This system is extremely popular as once the clear plastic aligners are in your mouth, they are virtually invisible so there is no need to explain to friends or work colleagues that you have decided to have orthodontic treatment.

Another nice thing about Invisalign is that you take the aligners out whenever you want to eat or drink anything and for brushing and flossing. This does mean treatment will have little effect on your day-to-day life and there is no need to cut out favourite foods that may be crunchy or sticky.

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If you’d like to know more about the braces we offer then take a look at our website at www.Southenddentalcare.co.uk as there is lots of useful information online.

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