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The Dental Care Group is a group of highly motivated, established and experienced dentists that have come together to form a collective which internally supports and mentors each other within our impressive team of staff. We have locations around Norfolk, Essex and Cambridge.

teeth-straightening-harrowTeeth straightening

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Perhaps you have an overbite, under bite or a cross bite, and would like to explore the options available within the field of teeth straightening in Harrow.  The Dental Care Group’s practice here would be an excellent choice.

In our practice in Harrow, teeth straightening is something we pride ourselves on. We offer two different types of teeth straightening, both famous and trusted brands.


The first is Invisalign, a very popular solution to achieving straight teeth without metal braces. Invisalign braces are clear and sometimes removable for your convenience.

This is a popular choice for those with professional careers, who do not feel the sight of metal ‘train track’ braces match their image. There is a considerable amount of technology behind invisible aligners, and the treatment time can be much shorter than traditional braces. It generally takes 6-18 months to see results, whereas traditional braces usually take up to 5 years.

Six Month Smiles

If you are looking for a quicker result, our clinically proven Six Month Smiles can produce results in as little as six months. This option is also a clear brace.

Worried about cost?

By its very nature, having treatment done by highly trained dental professionals is never going to be a cheap process. After all, your dental health is not an area in which corners should be cut. However, we understand that a lot of people are unable to produce the full treatment cost in one payment, so we offer a range of in-house finance plans. These plans range from 0% interest, subject to status, meaning that teeth straightening can be available to you from as little as £125 per month.

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If you are interested in teeth straightening in Harrow, the Dental Care Group can offer you an excellent, reliable and cost-effective service.

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