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With much of today’s dental care seemingly focused on sophisticated procedures such as dental implants in Basildon and invisible braces, it can sometimes be easy to forget that basic oral health care is instrumental in helping patients maintain strong and healthy teeth. While all dental care care is available on a pay per treatment private basis, we also provide essential dental care through the NHS at our practice in Basildon.

The Basics

Thanks to our NHS dental services all our patients can benefit from regular dental examinations for the whole family, preventative advice, and treatments ranging from a simple filling through to crowns, bridges, and dentures. All treatments fall into three separate price bands and the fee you will pay depends on the price band that the treatment is in. You can check out what’s included in each band on our ‘Fees and Offers’ page.

Occasionally we get asked whether particular cosmetic dental treatments are available through the NHS. At present treatments such as dental implants and invisible braces are limited to private patients, except in very rare cases where it can be proved there is a clinical need.

Generally speaking this is because cosmetic treatments are considered to be mostly for aesthetic purposes. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, and there’s certainly a great demand for it, but if they were to be available on the NHS then there would be a huge waiting list and tax payers would no doubt be required to foot the bill, which is something we feel that many people would be against.

However, in order for all of our patients to be able to benefit from cosmetic treatments if they wish, we do offer a variety of finance options so that the cost can be spread over several months. This also includes the ever popular Invisalign method of straightening crooked teeth in Basildon. We’re happy to discuss all aspects of your dental care and concerns and regardless of whether you’re looking for a family NHS dentist in Basildon or for the latest in cosmetic dental procedures to improve your smile, we’re here for you.

Why not call Together Dental Basildon on 01268 726789 to book an initial consultation whereby you can discuss your dental needs and goals and we can provide you with options You can all us direct on 01268 726789.

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