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Advances in dental technology have meant that more people than ever before are able to benefit from dental implants in North Harrow which really are the best way to replace missing teeth. However, with so much focus on dental implants in magazines, on billboards, and in dentist’s windows, plus other sophisticated techniques such as teeth whitening North Harrow, it’s easy to forget that good old fashioned basic oral care is all important in helping people have strong healthy teeth. While all our dental treatments are available to private patients we’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we also provide essential dental care on the NHS.

Getting back to basics

teeth whitening North HarrowThe NHS dental service allows for everyone to have the essential oral care which they deserve. This means that the whole family can visit us for regular dental check ups, preventative advice, and necessary treatments from a simply filling to crowns, bridges, and dentures. NHS dental care is divided into three price bands and it’s easy to see just what the cost will be, by locating the treatment in the necessary band.

Price band 1 costs £18.80 and covers an examination, diagnosis, scale and polish if needed, and a fluoride sealant. Price band 2 includes everything in price band 1 plus any treatments such as root canals, fillings, and extractions for a cost of £51.30. Finally price band 3 at £222.50 covers everything in bands 1 and 2 with the addition of crowns, bridges and dentures.

As you might expect, the NHS doesn’t cover treatments which are deemed as cosmetic or not necessary but we do have patients who have some treatment done on the NHS and who pay extra for additional treatments – the choice is really up to you.

Free NHS treatment

The good news is that you won’t have to pay for your NHS treatment if when treatment commences you’re:

  • Below the age of 18
  • Under 19 and in full time education
  • Pregnant or had a baby within 12 months of commencement of treatment
  • Staying in an NHS hospital and the hospital dentist carries out work
  • An NHS dental out patient (although there may be a cost for bridges and dentures)

There are also other means-related qualifications for free NHS dentist which you can check on the NHS website.

Please note that we’re also accepting new NHS patients for a limited period of time, so please do get in touch. To find out more please call Imperial Dental Care on 020 8427 2264 or contact us online at www.imperialdentalcare.co.uk. We’re a private and NHS dentist in North Harrow who strongly believe that everyone is entitled to first class dental care.

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