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Ways to Help Your Dentures Fit More Securely

Lots of people wear dentures and they are an extremely affordable and non-invasive way of replacing missing teeth. These days it’s possible to choose dentures that look very lifelike and natural, but wearing dentures isn’t without its problems. When your dentist in Downham Market first fits your dentures then they are likely to feel pretty comfortable and secure, making it possible to eat and talk properly. However things can change within just a few short years and many people will find their dentures becoming increasingly loose which can make eating and socialising with others a real problem, as after all who wants the embarrassment of their dentures moving about when you’re trying to have a conversation. If this applies to you, then there are several solutions that can help your dentures fit more securely.

dental-denturesRelining Ill-Fitting Dentures

This is one possible solution and to do this our Downham Market dentist will need to take an impression of your mouth and they will adapt the fitting surface of your denture to fit the new shape of your mouth more closely. This is done by adding new acrylic to the fitting surface so it should feel more comfortable.

Remaking Old Dentures

Another possibility is to have your dentures completely remade. This can be a good idea if they are quite old and have become worn down, or have broken and been mended several times. Your dentures do not last forever and remaking them should help them fit more securely and they will probably look much better and will provide the correct amount of support for your cheeks and lips.

Taking a Longer Term Approach towards Helping Dentures Fit More Securely

The problem with adjusting or remaking ill-fitting dentures is that it doesn’t treat the real issue which is caused by bone loss in your jaw. When your natural teeth are removed, your jawbone quickly begins to reabsorb and you are likely to see a substantial loss of bone within the first year after tooth loss. Not surprisingly this has the effect of making dentures fit far less securely as the loss of bone results in a loss of retention. Lower dentures tend to be much more problematic than upper dentures as their design automatically provides less retention. A longer term solution is to think about having dental implants in Downham Market. It’s possible to secure a lower denture with relatively few dental implants so this treatment is very affordable and can potentially be quite life changing.

With dental implants your denture will clip firmly into place so it cannot move whenever you eat or speak. You will be able to enjoy a far greater range of foods and concerns about socialising with others will become a thing of the past. You will need to take your denture out for cleaning and it’s important to keep your dental implants thoroughly clean but this is easy to do. With the proper maintenance your dental implants should last for many years and possibly for life, making this a great solution for tooth loss.

If you are fed up with struggling with loose and ill-fitting dentures then why not come to see us at Downham Market Dental Care? Our dentist can discuss all possible solutions with you, including dental implants in Downham Market. To book your appointment just give us call on 01366 382265 or if you prefer contact us through our website at

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