Wave Goodbye to Your Ill Fitting Dentures and Say Hello to Strong, Stable Teeth

Did you wake up this morning dreading putting in your dentures? It’s a common complaint as even dentures that fitted well initially and were comfortable to wear can soon become loose and ill-fitting after just a few years. Perhaps you have already tried having them relined or even remade, only to find the results are temporary. There is another solution and that is to consider having dental implants in Ladbroke Grove which can help stabilise a loose denture or you can choose to get rid of it completely and replacing it with a fixed arch of teeth.

dental-denturesImagine Having Teeth that Can’t Move

With dental implants, your teeth will be held firmly supported instead of just resting on your gums. This will greatly improve your food choices and socialising will become a pleasure a opposed to a worry. Instead of moving around uncomfortably, you can enjoy the sensation of having teeth that feel firm, strong and stable, just like your own.

You can choose between having a removable implant retained denture or if you prefer you can wave goodbye to your denture and replace it with a fixed bridge of teeth. This will be permanently cemented or screwed onto your dental implants and can only be taken out by our dentist in Ladbroke Grove.

With an implant retained denture, we normally only need to use a few dental implants that are placed towards the front of your mouth. A lower denture will generally require four dental implants, while an upper denture will usually need a couple more. This does make treatment very affordable and it’s particularly suitable for people who lost their natural teeth quite some time ago and who are likely to have suffered bone loss. The positioning of the implants helps to maximise use of strong and healthy bone, making bone grafts unnecessary. A complete bridge of teeth will generally require a greater number of dental implants but does mean that you will not need to take out your teeth.

Every Dental Implant Treatment Is Carefully Planned for Success

We take enormous care when planning dental implants in Ladbroke Grove as our dentist wants to make sure that every treatment is a complete success. This means we will thoroughly discuss the procedure with you and we will carefully assess your dental health and your general health to make sure this treatment is appropriate. There is no need to worry, as provided you have reasonable dental and general health, it’s highly likely that dental implants could help you.

The position of every dental implant is precisely planned to make sure it will be fully functional and that the final results will look great. Once you have your dental implants inserted, we can provide temporary teeth until the implants are fully integrated so you don’t need to be concerned you will be left without teeth at any stage. As soon as they have fully healed, we will make your permanent teeth.

If you’d like to find out more about dental implants, then why not contact Ladbroke Grove Dental Care? A full consultation will tell you much more about this treatment and will help you decide if it’s for you. Call us today on 020 7727 9836. You can also find out more information about dental implants on our website at www.LadbrokeGrovedentalcare.co.uk.

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