Want Your Teeth Straightening Fast?

For some people the idea of achieving a straight, perfect looking smile is uppermost in their minds but they just don’t want to commit to wearing a brace for what could be as long as two years. The good news is that thanks to modern advancements in dental technologies, your orthodontist in Southend may be able to offer you a quicker alternative in the form of Fastbraces. As their name suggests these particular braces work much faster than most other types of orthodontic treatment with treatment typically completed anywhere between three months to a year.

orthodontist in SouthendHow do I go about getting Fastbraces?

The first part of your journey towards a perfect smile starts with your selection of an authorised Fastbraces supplier. You need to find a dentist such as Southend Dental Care that has received the proper Fastbraces training and who can evaluate if and how Fastbraces can help their particular dental needs. Having met the dentist and you feel comfortable with them, then go ahead and book your first consultation.

What to expect at the consultation

Your Fastbraces dentist in Southend will examine your mouth and take a few X-rays to get an in- depth picture of your dental problems. He’ll also discuss what you’re hoping to achieve with braces and how you’d like your end smile to look. Using all this information, he’ll then go on to create a customised treatment plan. Although we can’t wave a wand and make your teeth straight instantly, Fastbraces technology is quite different from other braces technology and consequently treatment time can be measures in weeks and months as opposed to years.

How Fastbraces technology differs from other brace technology

Conventional braces tend to be square in shape and work by moving the crown of the tooth during the first year and the root of the tooth towards its desired position in the second year, thus taking around two years from start to finish. Fastbraces technology uses a unique elbow design and elevated slot which allows for the tooth roots to gradually start moving to their final positions as soon as the treatment commences. As a result, depending on the individual, treatment is completed in 3 months to a year and even weeks, if you happen to be one of those people whose bone responds really well.

If you’re considering teeth straightening, Southend Dental Care can help. Why not book a consultation with us to discuss Fastbraces. We’ll examine your teeth and discuss your best options. Call us today on 01702 465000 or get in touch online at www.southenddentalcare.co.uk.

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