Want a New Smile? Veneers Could Be the Solution

Are you interested in improving your smile? Cosmetic dentistry in Downham Market is becoming increasingly popular, but it isn’t always easy to understand all the possible options. Porcelain veneers are frequently used to improve smiles and this treatment can be very versatile and the results are long-lasting.

What Are Veneers?

porcelain veneerVeneers consist of very thin pieces of porcelain that are custom-made to fit exactly over the front surface of a tooth. Once bonded in place, the porcelain veneer is quite strong and provided you look after it correctly, it should last several years.

How Can Veneers Help Improve Smiles?

Veneers can be extremely helpful in hiding small imperfections in teeth that are otherwise perfectly healthy and strong. They are particularly good if you have any chips or cracks or if your teeth have worn down. You may also want to consider veneers if you have one or two teeth that are just slightly out of position and where orthodontics isn’t really worthwhile. Veneers can help to close up or minimise unsightly spaces in between teeth and can generally be used to create a more pleasing shape for a tooth that is too small.

It is up to you whether you decide to have one two veneers or if you would prefer to have multiple veneers to cover up most of the teeth are visible when you smile. This may not be necessary and often we can combine this treatment with tooth whitening. To do this your teeth would be whitened first before we selectively veneer any teeth that do not respond so well to whitening, for example any that are internally stained, or we can veneer any teeth that could benefit from being reshaped. Choosing to combine two treatments can often be the most conservative process and also the most cost-effective.

What are the Advantages of Veneers?

The process to have a veneer is relatively non-invasive as your dentist in Downham Market will only have to remove a very small amount of tooth structure when preparing the tooth. This is just to ensure the veneer will not look too bulky or unnatural. A typical veneer is only around 0.5 mm in thickness so the amount of tooth preparation required is minimal.

The great thing about having veneers is that they will not change colour and will not stain during their lifespan. They are very easy to look after as you can simply brush and floss around them in exactly the same way as the rest of your teeth.

The best way to find out exactly how veneers could help improve the appearance of your teeth is to book an appointment with Downham Market Dental Care. An initial consultation will help determine if veneers are suitable for your teeth and we can also chat to you about how exactly you’d like to improve their appearance. This will enable us to suggest the most suitable treatment plan to meet your goals. Why not call us today on 01366 382265 and take that first step towards having a nicer smile.

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