Virtual Consultations Soar

Virtual Consultations Soar

Hundreds of people are having dental appointments from the comfort of their own homes. Together Dental, which has 34 dental practices in East Anglia, Essex and London, report a 500% increase in virtual consultations from May to June with some dentists reporting that they are spending entire days consulting online for both emergency triage and cosmetic treatments.

Dentists are already open and slowly getting back to normal, but government guidelines and ensuring that everyone is kept safe have significantly slowed the number of people that can be treated each day in dental practices. People with more urgent dental requirements are rightly being given first allocation of appointments in-practice. There has been a huge pent up demand for smile makeovers and cosmetic treatments. The most sought-after treatments being teeth straightening, the replacement of missing teeth and teeth whitening.

Mayur N Pandya, Dentist and Chief Clinical Officer, Together Dental, said; “We started virtual consultations to give people real access to our dentists during lockdown. Using the smart technology that most people have at home we are able to put the person in front of their dentist or clinician who can best advise them by looking at photographs, videos and asking the right questions. We have found that particular treatments are well-suited to a virtual appointment, and aside from general advice we are seeing a large increase in people wanting to kick-start their cosmetic dentistry treatments post-lockdown.”

The 3 treatments that are most frequently requested during virtual consultations are;

Invisalign (world leading teeth straightening)

Invisalign features clear aligners which straighten teeth. Patients wear aligners for 6 months or more. Virtual consultations enable clinicians to monitor patient progress via video calls, texts, and patient-submitted photos through a variety of platforms. It ensures continuity of patient care during treatment. Dentists can give an assessment of treatment progress, and communicate adjustments or concerns during treatment. Patients can stay engaged in their treatment and convey progress photos to their dentist who review their progress on their smart device.

Dentists can assess people to start their Invisalign treatment and make initial scans, plans and prepare their aligners. Then using virtual assessment technology, they can closely monitor their progress.

Dental implants

The decision to replace missing or damaged teeth with dental implants can be life-changing. They can restore a person’s smile, confidence and ability to enjoy the food. Virtual consultations allow dentists to start the process, take a detailed history and access patient suitability for treatment.

Teeth whitening

There are some amazing branded teeth-whitening treatments on the market. As a group Together Dental select only the very best which deliver a great result for patients. During a virtual consultation the clinician can access a person’s overall health, requirements and suitability and select the correct teeth whitening solution. A face-to-face appointment is then made to fabricate custom made set of trays that fit over your teeth comfortably. The active teeth whitening gel is placed into the trays and fitted onto your teeth. We are assessing patients with a view to starting treatment in practice shortly.

Together Dental, in line with the latest guidance from NHS England, is offering Virtual Consultations to help people at home. To book Virtual Consultation please call 01277 289096 or click here.

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